Placeholder Summer Beauty Kit - Time Of Your Life

Summer Beauty Kit

This box is your complete summer beauty wardrobe in one easy swoop! 

Packed with products that cool, refine add glamour and just a little bit of sparkle into your summer, this box is perfect to help us look even more amazing as we get out and about in the sun while staying cool and relaxed.

Margaret Dabbs Leg Serum 100ml - RRP £25.00


This cooling leg serum is a favourite for both summer and if you get hot at night.  This brilliant serum is formulated specifically to reduce cellulite, tone, firm and tighten the skin of the legs. It also provides a “Support Stocking” effect giving the look and feel of lighter, slimmer, younger-looking legs. It also reduces puffiness and relieves restless legs and cramping. This product contains Margaret Dabbs's patented Legance™, which is clinically proven to reduce water retention and relieve the feeling of tired heavy legs while helping to stimulate circulation.  In short, it is a brilliant summer leg product.


Margaret Dabbs Cracked Heel Balm 45ml - RRP £18.00

I've stuck with Margaret Dabbs as she is possibly the best known pedicurist worldwide and as our feet come out of shoes into sandals cracked heels start to come to the fore.  Feet actually get drier in summer as they are no longer in enclosed shoes so cracked heels get worse.  This product works by forming a barrier and a waterproof seal that helps to relieve, bind, and repair the cracks. It gives instant treatment results and helps to keep the skin of the feet smooth, protected, healthy and nourished.


He-Shi HD WonderGlow 100ml - RRP £18.50

This is quite simply, a brilliant award-winning product.  This is make up for the body that simply washes off at night and does a couple of brilliant things.  First, WonderGlow is formulated with skin-loving ingredients to soften and soothe.  Second, it will help to even out skin tone to help cover blemishes and veins.  Third, it will add a really soft, subtle shimmer to your skin, tanned or not (and whatever skin tone you have), that can be applied exactly where you want it, to shins, shoulders or decolletage, to give your skin a fabulous summer glow!


OPI Nature Strong Nail Lacquer 15ml - RRP £17.50

This Vegan formula nail polish is perfect for you and me this summer, when we become a bit more adventurous with colour.  You'll get one of these two shades of this long lasting formula in your box (chosen at random) so either a Kick in the Bud or Once and Floral - they are both summer brights that are perfect for adding glamour to feet and hands.


Salt of the Earth Clary Sage & Mint 100% Natural Deodorant 100ml - RRP £7.49

Summer is a great time to think about switching up your deodorant and I wanted you to try this 100% natural, long-lasting, refillable deodorant from Salt of the Earth.  There are no propellant gases and the bottle is made from 50% recycled plastic.  The deodorant is based on salt which helps kill the bacteria that causes underarm odour.  Aluminium Chlorohydrate, Triclosan and paraben free.


Bare Feet by Margaret Dabbs Foot Spray 100ml / RRP £8.00

I couldn't resist this spray!  While the leg serum cools once you've massaged it in, this is a great handbag product to give a quick spray when you get too hot.  Packed with Ginger extract, skin soothing Manuka Honey and hydrating Aloe Vera with the uplifting fragrance of Green Tea & zesty Lime, this spray is an instant hit for hot legs AND feet!