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Water Water Everywhere!

October 08, 2019

Water Water Everywhere!

For how many years now have we been told to drink two litres of water every day?

Most of us know the benefits of drinking water, but water is the key ingredient in almost all skincare.  Did you ever think about where this water comes from?

For many years I've been very keen on this subject and, if I say so myself, you will never find a product in the TOYL box that might have water from a challenging source, but there are plenty out there on the market.  Why does it matter?  Surely manufacturers filter it or boil it to get rid of the nasties? 

Not always so. 

Legally, and the legal depends where you are in the world and where you are shipping to, you can use "distilled, deionized, purified or tap water" in other words, tap water, from countries where the purification levels aren't quite as high as ours, can be used for products that go on your face.  Water makes up about 70% of the content of your skincare so surely we want the best quality water possible?

Water can carry bacteria and actually, water is mainly used as a carrier for the active ingredients to be dissolved into it so isn't an active ingredient itself whereas it really is if we drink it.

There are other challenges for water in that it's a reasonably scarce resource, which is why in 2020 there is a trend towards waterless products which do the job just as well as their aqua-drenched counterparts.

It's not a scare story in the world of cosmetics, but it's just so you know that here at TOYL we are mindful of this when selecting products for you.  We want the best for you, we want quality products with great ingredients and we're intent on making sure you get them.

Keep drinking the two litres a day though, there's no let up on that just yet!




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