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Pause or Cancel


Every TOYL box is themed to meet your beauty needs throughout the year for women in midlife, and will often compliment the previous box to create a complete programme for you. In short, we don't believe in just "products in a box", but in products that you want, that make you feel great and that you think will work for you.

However, we realise that every now and then one of the boxes might not be exactly what you want, or that you want to use that money for something else that month.

That's why at TOYL we only want you to have the boxes that you want, we're simply not interested in sending you products that you don't need, don't want or tying you into a contract - that's absolutely not what we're about.

So, you can PAUSE your subscription until you see a box that thrills you. You can of course cancel, but we would prefer that you stayed with us so that you can still benefit from being part of the TOYL Members Group in terms of beauty news, podcasts, video tutorials and so on.

As long as you pause by 6pm on 19th of the month you won't be charged for the next month's box  (we don't send the box either, but you knew that, right?)


You can do this yourself, but if it's easier for you then simply drop us an email.

You just need to Log in from the Top Menu using the email and password you used when you set up your account.

IMPORTANT: Often people try to log in but can't because they haven't set up their account. So if you haven't set up your account yet the instructions are in the email that your received when you first signed up.

We can always resend you that email just ask us to do so on

From there you will see 'Manage Your Subscription' on the left hand side. Click on your Active Subscription and at the bottom of that is a Pause/Cancel subscription button which takes you to a new page to go through the process.

Or.... if this turns out to be difficult then you can just email us at and tell us what you would like to do and within 24 hours we will send confirmation that your request has been actioned.  

Just send us a message as you being happy with our service is at the heart of what we do.

Kind Regards,