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July 2024 - Your Skins Microbiome

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This month is all about maximisIng your skin's health.  We often focus on the beauty effects products can give us but when you see skin glowing with health it takes radiance, plumpness and smoothness to the next level.

Your skin's microbiome is a layer of bacteria (good and bad) that reside on the surface of your skin.  It's make up is unique to you but when we combine good gut health with good skin surface health the results are fantastic, which is why this month's box is dedicated to skin health.

These products are some of the best (and most expensive), from brands that really care about helping your skin find its balance. 

Couple this with an offer from Symprove and The Naked Pharmacy to kick start your gut health and this box will be one of the best you buy this year!




Aurelia London was one of the first brands to focus on probiotics, having recognised the importance of a healthy microbiome on the your skin's appearance.  Not only does it balance skin health but here's what it can do for visible results.  On a consumer trial of 100 women:

92% agree skin looks and feels firmer
76% saw a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
85% agree their skin tone is more even
92% agree their skin looks more radiant
86% agree their skin’s overall appearance has been dramatically improved


This is a prebiotic skin rescue mask and even if you don’t think your skin needs rescuing, it will love the calming and probiotic effect of this product. I ’ve deliberately mixed a probiotic (Aurelia) with a prebiotic (here). Prebiotics feed the good bacteria on your skin. Probiotics top up or add in more good bacteria - a combination of the two is the sweetspot in skincare.

86% of women in clinical trials said their skin felt nourished after using this mask.



I’ve been lucky enough to get a mini sample of this for you to try. It’s 10ml, not huge, but it’s such an unusual product that I really wanted you to test it. It’s not expensive to buy (from £7.00 for 50ml), but if I’m buying a toner, this is my toner of choice.  Packed with prebiotics to boost the skin’s barrier, our apple cider Face Vinegar is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.


Skin health is related to gut health so it makes total sense to improve them both at the same time.  I recommend both of these brands - Symprove for their programme and The Naked Pharmacy for Gut Love.  Get 25% off your first three months at Symprove with code TOYLLOVES25 and get 20% off your order at The Naked Pharmacy with code TOYLLOVES.


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