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August 2020 TOYL Box

July 18, 2020

August 2020 TOYL Box

August is Summer Body Month!

August is such a great time!  Holidays are in the air, the promise of beach trips, long lazy days and summer clothes – perfect!  This month we’re all about the body and we’ve got pure, luxe and quality this month over quantity with these world-class products.

Noble Isle is an outstanding British brand which creates products using British botanicals and inspired by British locations.   I've loved this brand for ages but the products are very expensive to make.  To be honest, all of the products in this month's collection are very expensive to make which is why they are luxury.  You deserve them.

Noble Isle's Willow Song Body Scrub (RRP £30.00) is fragranced with green florals, so it’s fresh and it’s packed with vitamin E to leave skin super soft. The scrub bit is sugar, so it dissolves down the plug hole in a very environmentally friendly way.  More than this, the fragrance is superb.  Mix it a bit before using as the sugar sinks to the bottom, but definitely use before the Kalmar Body Cream - this is an absolute treat.  Noble Isle Founder Katy Simpson will be on podcast this month.

Aromatherapy Associates (also British, RRP £26.00) is a favourite of TOYL's and are world-renowned for their blending of essential oils to create an amazing bathing experience.  So many of you say that you prefer showers to baths that when we discussed this with the brand they said "we know just what you need" and we’re lucky enough to have one of their just released Shower Oils in the collection this month.   

These Shower Oils go "milky" on the skin and dissolve - don't worry about being covered in oil for the day that's not going to happen - but before you use, put some on your hands and cup your hands a few centimetres away from your nose.  Breathe deep.  Get a sense of those incredible aromatherapy oils in your senses and then use on your body.  This is heaven in a bottle.  You’ll get one of three fragrances to test in this month’s box and AA's head trainer will be on podcast this month.

Kalmar  is a luxury lifestyle brand and we’re including their Joy Energise Body Lotion (RRP £35.00).  This is a deeply soulful brand, born out of very strong holistic principles.  The cream is face grade quality (unheard of in a body product) and is packed with very expensive ingredients such as Bergamot, Rhodiola, Cocoa and Orange extract .  It’s also got real Amber ground finely into a powder as the founder truly believes in the power of crystals to heal.  The founder, Karen Ruimy, will be on podcast this month with me and I’m dying to know what you think of this gorgeous cream!

Finally, Emma Hardie's Protect and Prime (RRP £15.00) is the perfect handbag partner this summer.  Sun is the key skin damager and this product both protects skin and primes it for your choice of tinted moisturiser or base/foundation.  Apply after cleansing for sun protection this summer.

So, it’s three, full size, super body products, Emma Hardie's handbag essential and luxe with a capital “L”.  Worth £106 in total it’s the perfect way to look and feel amazing this summer – enjoy!

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