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BACK TO OUR ROOTS! Hair dye for roots in Lockdown

May 05, 2020

BACK TO OUR ROOTS!  Hair dye for roots in Lockdown

Well, we're into week six of Lockdown so it's hardly surprising that our hair is beginning to cause us challenges from roots to a good haircut, we’re all feeling it a bit.

 Of course, if you fancy going full on grey, now might be the moment but if, like me, you just want to put it off a little longer then those roots are going to need some TLC.

The truth is, of course, that my natural colour is now grey.  My preferred colour is dark blonde and this is what the genius Chris Williams of Rush creates for me.  However, like so many of us, roots are a challenge so here are two completely different products I’ve tried.

 The first is Hair Revolution Cover Up, currently £4.99 (reduced from £6.99) online at Superdrug HERE.

 This is a dry powder and there are five colours to choose from.   It’s wise to go for a slightly darker shade than your main colour (I would say natural colour, but as that’s grey for most of us we don’t want that so we’ll say “chosen” colour as the one you regularly are transformed into).  This is because darker roots just look a little more natural.

The pack comes with a block of colour and a brush which is thick so it holds its form against hair and it’s angled so it has a bit more agility than a sponge or flat brush.  Now, you have to remember that you’re not playing with skin, you need a heavier touch than if you’re mucking around with your eye make-up, but once you’ve loaded the brush, you can brush away.  It’s simple, easy and should mainly be used on partings and around the face. 

Don’t bother with roots underneath, we’re not going to see them.

 The result will wash out, but you know it’s non-permanent and we’re just trying to plug a hole so that’s fine.

The second product is Josh Woods Root Touch Up, £15.00 online HERE

Mr Woods is a big name celebrity colourist and he’s created a range of lots of different products for root touch up.  The one I’ve tested is the Blender Brush (£15.00).  Now this is a wet product that comes out of the brush and needs to be “painted” onto your hair.  It works on dry and wet hair, but I had terrible results on dry hair, mainly because I have no light touch and I put too much on, so it looked like someone had slopped goo over my head.  However, when I tried it on wet hair, it’s a game changer.

 Again, only paint the roots on show, avoid painting your scalp and then blow dry.  Honestly, while it didn’t look like I’d been to the hairdressers, the results were good enough to get my confidence back.  Try it. 

The challenge with all root cover ups is that we can’t get the subtlety of what our hairdressers do, weaving highlights, interspersing down lights – all the things they are brilliant at neither of these products will recreate, but they WILL get you through. 

Roll on 21st July and we’ll all be off to Ireland if we’ve not reopened salons here!

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