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"Clean" Beauty

April 08, 2021

It’s a funny thing isn’t it?  Every year there are new phrases in the beauty world that evoke reactions.  “Anti ageing” is one that I don’t really like now, but when it first came out we all completely understood what it meant and I don’t think we were offended.

This week, Gwyneth Paltrow has got into hot water about the term “Clean Beauty”.  To paraphrase, she seems to be implying that some products, particularly sunscreen, have harsh chemicals in them and that you need to be careful to only use “clean” products.


“Clean” is talked about a lot in beauty but if you ask anyone to define it that’s a challenge. 

However, I thought it might be helpful to tell you what “Clean” means at TOYL.

  • RESPECT – we have utmost respect for you spending your money with us and we hope that we treat you like queens.
  • PAUSE - you absolutely shouldn’t get boxes you don’t want, so you can pause at any time with us
  • SUPPLIERS – we pay for all the products in your box in advance of the brand shipping to us, so before we’ve even taken your monthly payment. The industry norm is to ask them to ship and then pay them 90 days after but this just doesn’t work for smaller brands at all – how can they pay their bills?  This is challenging for us as we never know how many of you will pause, but we have to trust that I’ve done my job!
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE – Every day we discuss where we did okay and where we failed. We seek new solutions to improving all the time (as you’ll see soon) without resorting to standard answers (which we hate).
  • TREATS – We value you and so treat you with mini surprises in the box whenever we can
  • ENTERTAIN – I hope that my videos at least entertain you!
  • HELP OTHERS – I’m just finalising a deal for March 2022 to have that box as our charity-led box. This means once a year, every year the TOYL box profits from March will go to a charity that resonates with us, midlife women. 

If we're talking beauty products in our boxes, we're not so interested in "clean" as in products that work and that have a responsible management team.  If you have that, they'll be already looking at the packaging, paying suppliers well, getting the best raw ingredients they can, caring about the worldwide communities they work with.

Here at TOYL HQ we don’t always get it right, but we try.  Total respect for customers, fair play plus a bit of fun with suppliers and an eye to those we can help, when we can help.  We hope that’s clean enough for you.


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