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April 2021 Blog Post - All About Eyes

March 18, 2021

Beautiful Eye Makeup Looks for Women over 40

Worth £147.00!
Emma Hardie, Stila and Bellapierre


We are coming into Spring and, if the lockdown lifts, we are off into the outside world!


 Clearly, we want to look our best so having got our skin in tip top condition during Dec/Jan/Feb with the products in your TOYL beauty box we are now focusing on enhancing.

 Make up is a superb way for us to do this but when was the last time you revisited your eye make-up look?   

 I thought so. 

 Well, now we’re going to do so with some superb brands – Emma Hardie, Stila and Bellapierre.

 April is about creating amazing looking eyes in just five minutes.  We will look incredible, these products suit all skin tones and it will create a look that you LOVE!

 Before we start, we have our crib sheet HERE.  It will be in your box, but if you miss it, download so you have a reminder of what you are doing with these products, because they all work brilliantly together.

 First in the box is Emma Hardie’s Midas Touch Revitalising Eye Serum (15ml/ RRP £49.00).  This is consistently one of your favourite brands and this product delivers in bucketloads.

Before we use any of the colour cosmetics in this box, we need to ensure that the delicate skin around the eye is as good a canvas as possible.

 This product lifts, tightens, smooths, fades dark circles, diminishes puffiness – what more do you want?  It’s a quality product perfect for us and is the prep we need before we start.  PAT into the skin around your eye, no pulling!

 This product is packed with Hyaluronic Acid, Omegas and Aloe Vera to cool eyes making it the perfect prep product. 

 Leave this to settle in for a minute or two and then let’s get onto Stila’s Suede Shade Liquid Eye Shadow in either Nude Awakening or Sassy (4.5ml / RRP £24.00).

 If you haven’t come across Stila what a treat you are in for!  This is a cult make up brand that is simply outstanding.  Sold in Harvey Nichols and good old M&S, Stila is world-renowned for its non-intimidating approach to beauty, innovative, multi-tasking formulas, eco-friendly packaging and fashion-forward colours, although we’ve gone much more mainstream on the latter.

 This shadow is for use across your whole eyelid.  It will lift and add a soft sheen to what we are about to do.  Glide it on, pat it in.  Now take a look – it’s already lifting your face, giving a soft glow.

We then move to Stila’s Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Lionfish (0.28g / RRP £22.00).  This is their best-selling shade and will suit all skin tones, which is why we have it! 

We are using this to draw along the upper lash line, on the eyelid to create definition.  Now, why we love Stila Smudgesticks is because once you’ve drawn the line you can blend the edges to create a softer look which is perfect for us.  However, the other great thing about Smudgesticks is that they set, so you have 60 seconds to get the look right and then it won’t move until you remove it (with your Floracil Eye Make Up Remover from the December box). 

Bellapierre’s Twist up Brow Pencil in Cocoa (0.3g / RRP £18.00) Will create definition in our brows.  Using a brow pencil lifts the look of the eye and – according to several beauty journalists – can drop ten years off your face if that’s what you want.  What I think it does is finish the look. 

 This pencil is designed to be used lightly on pale skin and with more layers on darker skin to achieve the exact look you want.  Light, upwards strokes along the brow and then use the brow brush at the other end of the pencil (built in, no less) to brush brows gently upwards and blend your work.

 I’ve also popped in a Bellapierre Waterproof Gel Eye Liner in Sapphire (1.8g / RRP £17.00) to give you colour options.  This is a mineral eye pencil so very gentle and soft.  The blue looks amazing as well (instead of Lionfish) on all skin tones, so experiment with colour.

Finally, this look is finished with a strong lip. 

 Now don’t freak out.  I’m bored with you wearing nudes the whole time!  Strong lip is good! 


Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso (3ml / RRP £17.00) is an incredible colour and perfect for women over 40.  Didn’t think you could wear red? Try this.  The key to our summer is strong lip.  Try it, get used to it as we are going fuschia as well as some point in the summer!  This colour will stay all day, as per the name.  

So, April is about playing with techniques, colours and products to create amazing looking eyes – enjoy!

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