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Fat Camp Update - Week 3

September 20, 2020

Fat Camp Update  - Week 3

Well I'm into week three and there is definite movement.  Weight is down by half a stone (which is no mean feat) but we all know how the weight loss gods play with us.  They give us hope in the early days, only to pull it out when we stay stable for weeks or put on a pound making a mockery of our efforts.  It's not easy this weight loss lark.

I don't know about you but I'm reasonably motivated at present.  The sun is out, the shorts are still on (and fitting) and I don't have gnawing hunger because I'm so busy there's no time for it.  The plan I'm on (full Keto or Atkins if you've did it years ago like me) doesn't allow for snacking so there's no munching between meals anyway.  This diet plan wants me to eat a ton of fat but not too much protein and I'm struggling with this concept.  High fat but not too much protein?  Should I just pour the Olive Oil into a glass?  The answer is that I probably should.

I've been pondering why so many midlife women let ourselves get fat.  There's no question that our metabolism slows and we need to keep our muscle levels high to burn calories, but I was having a blue sky moment where I wondered if our fat doesn't sometimes represent our unhappiness or discontent with our lives.  We eat because we can control that bit whereas so much of life is new challenges all the time and the brain hates the unknown more than anything.  I wonder.

On another note my glutes have had a fair shock to their system.  They are under attack from squats, spinning, stair climbing and yoga and - frankly - they're not finding it funny.  In short, they really hurt!  However, exercise is great for your health.  You won't lose weight through exercise but you will burn more calories every day if you have more muscle so crack on all of you.

Anyway, this will cheer you up.  I bought myself a full-on silver dress this week for New Year's Eve.  I had visions of me wearing it out but I've realised that actually, the only place I will be wearing it is in the living room with the dog and my husband - what a twit I am! 

However, let me tell you that if I do get to Ireland (which is where I've booked for NYE) and I do get to wear it and I'm still on track to my goal weight I will post a photo of the full Irish knees up for you to enjoy!

If you've joined me on this "lose weight" effort well done, let me know how you are doing, keep going and have a great week!


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September 22, 2020

Do many midlife women let ourselves get fat? You are spot on about our food intake being something we have control over. I think for some it can be the contentment of middle age (yes, lucky). The kids have grown, still with the long term partner and weight it creeps up. However, for others midlife can be a time of discontentment, resentment, hurt from the past or current and eating becomes comforting. Eating habits of early years are now so ingrained it takes hard work to unpick them but doing anything, a few extra step or miles is better than nothing. Congratulations on the silver dress lovely idea, sequins always look great on Zoom.

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