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Happy Mothering Sunday!

March 20, 2020

Happy Mothering Sunday!

Well, this must be the oddest Mothering Sunday any of us have experienced outside of wartime. 

All of you will have your own worries, particularly on Mothering Sunday.  Some of us will be with our mothers, some not.  Some with our children, some not, but it’s going to be hard to make today the joyful, lazy, family-filled day that it has perhaps been in the past. 

So here are my thoughts for you. 

Mothering Sunday is a little celebration but if you can, celebrate it whether you are with your own mother, children or not.  Because here’s the thing.  We will come out of this.  Next year, we will look back at this and understand that we survived, that it wasn’t the end of the world, but it was the oddest time of our lives.  The world will never be this unprepared for a pandemic again because we can’t afford to be and remember, history shows that the Human Race ALWAYS survives pandemics.

Today, enjoy whatever bits you can.  Trust that you have done everything you can for your own mother, reassure your children that you are fine because what we do know is that midlife women are the ones who are going to be the backbone of this country during this crisis.

We will have to sort out children, nurse partners, care for parents, find loo roll alternatives and keep our families fed.  You cannot get ill!  So, take the kindnesses shown to you today with gratitude because Mothering Sunday has a depth to it this year that it hasn’t in the past and you deserve every kindness shown to you for the work you will do over the coming months to keep your loved ones safe.

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