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July 11, 2019


Well, here's a thing.

Recently, when I've been getting out of bed - as the nominated tea maker in the morning - I've found it takes the crossing of the hallway and two flights of stairs to kind of get the body going.  I'm telling myself that it's because I do so much exercise (well, 45 mins per day but that's a lot in my mind...) that I'm just a bit stiff, but at 56 I could be telling myself Jackanory.

What I know about ageing well is that the more you move, the more mobile you stay in later years, but I read this article HERE in the Daily Mail about inflammation in the body and how this can have an negative effect on aches and pains.  The basis of this is that your diet (and exercise) are tools to lower inflammation in your body, with inflammation caused by the things you think would - sugar, alcohol, smoking, processed foods etc.  Inflammation being bad as it irritates the internals and can cause all sorts of mayhem from weight gain to painful joints, more colds to more serious health issues.

We know we should eat properly for so many reasons in midlife, but we also know that if you're having a bad day, if the menopause isn't playing nicely with you or you're just feeling a bit tired from the daily onslaught that good eating can go out the window.  

Now I'm not here to authorise you tucking into pizza and chips every night, but I do know that midlife is an odd territory stuffed full of hormones, new emotions and new experiences, many of which can be painful.  If you're not feeling the Miso soup and green tea one day then a sandwich isn't going to kill you.  Try not to go unhealthier than that.  In midlife, we do have to think, every day, about how our actions will affect our older years.  It wasn't so in our twenties and thirties, we could get away with stuff but now, I can't lie to you, we have to make an effort.  Every decision we make affects our future health so make as many good choices as you feel the day allows.

Don't worry though, I think after the first five years of trying green tea is almost drinkable...


Just a note...

I thought it worth letting you know that while I recommend products, services and people in these blogs I have not taken ANY monies to do so, nor received goods in kind, discounts or any other such lovely incentives.  I didn't want you to have those thoughts in your head about what you read.  I'd love some of the stuff on offer for free, but I pay exactly what you would - bit miserable really but it's better all round.  The same goes for all social media posts and any recommendations in my book.  I've purchased everything at full price and often without the brand's knowledge.  Just thought I'd let you know!

All opinions my own.

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