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Jane Scrivner - The Skincare Expert

September 15, 2020

We are ten minutes into the interview and Jane has already got me revising my views on skincare.

As an expert in the balance of oil and water in skincare we're discussing the use of face oils (which I haven't always been sure about) and Jane makes me think differently.

"Oil and water don't mix, but you want to think of oil is that it's preventing water loss through the skin while feeding it with great omegas or actives that your skin loves," she says.  Or at least that's what great skincare should be doing.

Jane is a protagonist of working with skin to ensure that the skins natural PH balance and lipid structure is unharmed and doesn't approve of skincare that strips skin.  "You know that tight feeling on skin?  Some people love it, saying that it makes their skin feel clean.  What's actually happened is that the skin has been stripped of everything and is now desperate for moisture and nourishment.  That's not a great way to treat skin," she commented.

Jane's award-winning skincare range, Jane Scrivner ( is just gorgeous. It's oil based and so encompasses balms, cleansers, face oils and exfoliators that use some of the world's best oils, with Jane's favourite oil being Jojoba.

"Jojoba actually isn't an oil in structure, it's a wax, but this means that people who say that their skin won't take oil find that it responds really well to Jojoba giving them the moisture and hydration that their skin requires without making it greasy.

 "I want people to be able to get up, have a choice of seven products that they mix up during the week, but have a really simple, nourishing skincare regime on a day-to-day basis.  Skincare is about looking at your skin and thinking about what it might want on any given day.  If you've had a heavy night out it will need moisture.  If you've had a chilled day it will need gentle care because it doesn't need much, it's all about reading your skin on a daily basis," said Jane.

The hero product in her range is the Nourishing Cleanser which is just about to have a vegan version launched as the classic product contains Beeswax.  "This product can also be used as an overnight mask.  Cleanse, then apply a really thin layer to the skin, sleep, wash off and your skin will be glowing!" Jane commented.

Having tried the products what I can say is that they are just lovely.  Natural, quality ingredients, oil based and easy to use. Oh yes, and my skin was glowing within days - try them, they're amazing!

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