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January 20 Box

January 08, 2020

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2020!  This decade is going to be one of the most exciting of our lifetimes and it starts right here!  It's a great time to take on board more self care as an important part of your life and this TOYL box is designed exactly for that.  Packed with home spa goodies, some of which will last you all year, this box is perfect for cosying up and enjoying some great nights of pampering!

The Jasmine Silk Eye Mask (RRP £11.00) is one of those products that you rarely buy for yourself. 

Filled with 100% pure Mulberry silk floss, then covered in super soft and smooth heavyweight charmeuse silk, the feel of this product when you put it on is a world away from those you get free on airlines.  This mask gently caresses the delicate eye skin, and the natural amino acids present in the silk are believed to be very beneficial, soothing fine lines.

Fully adjustable, it is also machine or hand washable (30 degrees, silk wash) making it practical as well.  Use this to relax, use it with next month's sleep box or when you go away - it's instant luxury!

Next is Ila Spa's Inner Peace Bath Salts (200g / RRP £15.00)

I love this brand, but more than that, I adore this product.  It was horribly expensive to buy for you but I think it will create a bathroom filled with such a gorgeous scent of Jasmine, Rose Otto and Sandalwood that you will understand why I bought it for you.  It's organic, has all the benefits of true Himalayan Salts and you need around one tablespoon per bath, so this should get you through January.  Lie back, in deep bliss and enjoy!

Gatineau's Body Buffing Cloth (single / RRP £15.00) is next in the box and again, a product that should last you all year. 

Your skin is the largest organ in (on?) your body and body buffing is superb for its health.  It gently exfoliates the top layer of skin, buffing away dead cells, it improves circulation, rejuvenates skin, promotes cell turnover and hydrates skin.  If you can get into a daily habit of dry brushing your skin with this soft, flexible cloth you will do your skin health an enormous favour.  Handles at each end making it much easier than a brush to buff your back.

I don't often put supplements in the box, but these are the absolute Rolls Royce of food supplements, so number one, yes, they are for eating/internal use!

Life Armour Super Me Nutritional Supplement (60 Capsules / RRP £30.00)

These are 100% natural, gluten, yeast, dairy, artificial flavours, GMO, colours and preservative free.  No added sugars, vegan friendly and don't contain plastics or fillers.  In short, they are very well made otherwise they wouldn't be in the box.  I've spoken to the founder at length, but when Tracey Woodward gave me a pack I knew that they must be great!  SuperMe is designed to reduce the effect of a stressful lifestyle, enhance your energy, mood and focus as well as calm and protect against stress.  These are a great addition to giving your body a boost over winter but, as with all supplements, please speak to your doctor before starting.

 No spa night in is complete without a candle and while this votive is little, it smells amazing!  Heyland and Whittle's Votive in Clementine & Prosecco (20g / RRP £5.99) is just stunning!

Heyland and Whittle manufacture in the UK (I've seen their team in action) and this is their best-selling candle.  it smells heavenly and that's what you can smell as you unbox this month!

Finally, you've buffed, you've bathed and now you need to moisturise before you just relax back.  Seacret Spa's Milk & Honey Body Lotion (200ml/ £29.95) is packed with amazing ingredients to moisturise, soothe and relax you.  Vitamin A, E, Avocado Oil and Chamomile work together to create a product that relaxes and soothes whilst deeply moisturising.

Worth £106.94, this is an amazing box that will create a month of deep relaxation in the comfort of your own home - enjoy!

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