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JANUARY 2022 BOX - The Sleep Spa!

December 18, 2021

JANUARY 2022 BOX - The Sleep Spa!


Worth over £104.00! 

Happy New Year and welcome to the 2022 Year of Beauty!

This year we have some epic changes starting right now!  The inbox leaflet is now 8-pages long including my top tips to get the best out of every product and every month I will not only be giving you the unboxing videos but both Instagram and Facebook LIVES so that you can ask me any questions you like about the box contents.  This month both lives are on 4th January - Insta at 5pm and Facebook at 6pm so do join me (or I'll be sat there on my own!). 

Each box is specifically designed to work for you at the time of year it is released, but also to work with future and past boxes.  This one will link to the Feb box so the products will all integrate to give you a whole annual wardrobe of beauty that really works!  So, let's get into this box!

 This box is all about creating a sleep spa at home, packed with fabulous products that both will help you get to sleep and ensure you look incredible when you wake up.

We start with the gorgeous Freya + Baily Peep! Eye Cream (30ml/ RRP £40.00) which is already worth more than the box so the rest of the products are effectively FREE!  I chose Peep! as it specifically works to reduce dark circles, puffiness and fine lines around the eye.  For many of us this is a key area of concern so this is a great product to start correcting that beauty challenge!

 The brand is vegan, cruelty-free and natural but very effective too so I’m expecting you to get great results from this!


Next up is Prai Beauty’s Super Hydrating Sleep Crème (50ml / RRP £28.00) which is the perfect night cream for now.  This crème is specifically created to help address moisture loss from your skin while soothing, plumping and hydrating overnight.  Fragranced with light soft scents to help you enter blissful slumber while this product rebalances your skin.


Seacret Spa’s Mineral-Rich Body Mud (100g / RRP £19.95) is the ultimate in spa treatments.  Dead Sea Mud is packed with 21 different minerals that help heal, soothe and detoxify which is exactly what we need after a few weeks of excess.


Smug Contoured 3D Blackout Sleep Mask (RRP £12.00) is essential to block out light and enhance a great night’s sleep.  This mask is a very specific shape to ensure that sensitive eyes are untroubled by it and lash extensions remain intact while rapid eye movement in deep sleep is unencumbered.  This is skincare at its best, helping relax your eyes and reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles.  You won’t look back after sleeping with this!


Finally, BeautyPro’s Avocado Infused Sheet Face Mask (single use / RRP £4.95) which is biodegradable, vegan, cruelty free, waterless and packed with ingredients to feed our skin!

Overall, it’s a great box for a mini sleep spa at home – hope you love it!


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Janet James-godwin
Janet James-godwin

February 06, 2022

I have only joined this year and already love these products. karen is so down to earth and takes that time to guide us.
I am doing my patch testing as Karen advised as I have sensitive skin. I have wasted so much money on products that are not suited for my mature skin and help with the menapause.
Looking forward to this year.

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