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July 2020 TOYL Box

June 30, 2020

July 2020 TOYL Box

Lockdown focused my mind on British brands.

It's going to be tough enough coming out of this economic hoo-ha without loss of sales so I wanted the July box to support British women, creating superb products and where better to start than Balance Me?

Over 65 awards, countless celebrity fans,  a team of sisters in charge and incredible products it had to be Balance Me and I'm thrilled they've allowed us a world exclusive in terms of getting our hands on their Bakchiol Smoothing Serum.  This product recreates Vitamin A (Retinol) from plant based ingredients.  Vitamin E, C and A are our best friends when it comes to skin smoothing and helping erase fine lines and wrinkles.  If you're vegan, this is a fantastic advance, but even if not, this products formulation will work on your skin to smooth and erase.  Not only that, in line with Lockdown forcing us all onto our computers more, this product includes Blue Light filters, helping keep us looking great on Zoom while protecting our skin.  Not many serums can do that at present.  Use at night for best results.

We then move onto the Vitamin C Repair Serum.  I use Vitamin C every night on my skin.  Vitamin C protects skin cells from damaging free radicals caused by UV exposure or too much time in the Sun. It also inhibits melanin production to help lighten hyperpigmentation and brown spots, even out tone, and enhance skin radiance.  It is Rebecca's (co-founder of Balance Me) favourite product and the one she would take to her desert island if we leave her there (Podcast fans will know that we ask everyone which products they would take).

The Rose Otto Body Wash is perfect for a shower after a long day.  The rose blend is modern and contemporary (not old lady at all) and very soothing.  

Pure Skin Face Wash is 100% natural and is a jelly-like cleanser that gets it all off, from make up to sunscreen, dirt to pollution leaving your skin fresh and ready for feeding.

Moisture Rich Face Cream is great for us all because not only does it include super moisturising ingredients but it combats redness in skin.  As we get older our skin tone gets uneven, which makes it more challenging for our make up to present an even tone.  Uneven skintone is linked with ageing as the melatonin and carotene change.  It can't be helped but it can be combatted which is why this moisturiser is so perfect for us.

There's been a lot of social media chat about whether we need an eye cream and I would definitely say yes.  The skin around the eye is way different to the rest of your face and is thinner, more delicate.  Wonder Eye Cream is a 3-in-1 cream that firms, smoothes and brightens all in one.  You need all three as dark circles and bagginess around this area can increase as we get older.  

Finally, Super Moisturising Hand Cream.  Well, there's more hand washing to do over the next few months and hands need moisturising.  Trust me, you'll need it!

Some of the products are smaller than others, but to be honest, I wondered if we might be able to travel by now.  If you are, everything but the body wash is perfect for your flight bag.  If not, this is a great time to test out this brand on your skin.  They are superb products at great prices, supporting a wholly British team - I hope you love them!



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