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Kind Men and Love island...

July 02, 2018

Kind Men and Love island...

So, I've been watching Love Island with my 20 year old every night.

It's incredibly important to me as he lives in the USA most weeks of the year so when we have him back we utterly indulge him.  Now you may have your own thoughts about the programme but I most love the post on #loveislandreactions (what a fabulous site) that went along the lines of "Britain!  We may be rubbish on the votes for Brexit and the general election but my goodness we nailed that vote to save Jack/Dani and Alex".  I've abbreviated but you get the point.  Well, if you follow Love Island you do.

And here's the thing.

Whatever you think about the youff of today they actually totally get who decent people are.  

Georgia on Love Island is an absolute legend.  She's been there for every single girl, supported her mates and been mugged off by her bloke but known that and still been there for her mate.  A decent bird.  But here's the thing.

I've worked to raise decent men. I don't need them to be pioneers of industry, I don't need them to go on Love Island, but I want them to be good blokes, as their father is - decent, kind, loyal, honest.

But here's the other thing.

You never see in the papers "Decent honest bloke found in West Sussex. Doesn't shag around, does his job, goes home to his wife.  End" 

What you do see is wanker "Bloke made £4 mill by shafting others". or "Big Wanker Bloke Shagged Nanny", but the story is only newsworthy because he has cash.  You could argue because he's got a nanny of course he's got cash but there are many derivatives of this story.

What I'm trying to say is that Kind Men are never celebrated.  They are the most fabulous of men, way more than the ones that earn cash and we should love and embrace them as soon as we come across them.

So, bringing it back, there's Jack on Love Island who has slept outside rather than be in bed with any other girl than Dani.   How many Jack's do we all know? I am utterly blessed by knowing quite a few - my husband, the husbands of my friends, my sons, many of their mates, your husbands, your sons.  Let's cut them some slack and absolutely thank our lucky stars that kind men are in our lives.


* Image courtesy of ITV2

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