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March 2021 - Our Little Ray of Sunshine Box

February 18, 2021

Beauty Subscription Boxes UK

This is our "Little Ray of Sunshine" Box!

There's no theme, there's no real reason except that these are all luxury beauty brands and after the Winter we've had it's time for treats!

These products are, quite simply, luxury beauty at its best and I wanted you to have the chance to enjoy!  Now, there is one product which is a bit more of me saying "you must do this" but before then let's indulge ourselves, let's revel in how spirit-lifting the beauty industry can be and how gorgeous these products make us feel!

Noble Isle Fresh & Clean Bath & Shower Trio (3 x 75ml/RRP £20.00) is a beautiful collection of bath/shower gels.  I've learnt my lesson as not all of you love baths as much as me, but these cater for all of us.  Noble Isle is called such because they take the best botanicals from around the UK and include them in their products.  This set of three come gift boxed, making you feel that you're in for a real treat (which you are) and includes Tea Rose, Rhubarb Rhubarb! and Willow Song, each fragrance offering you something completely different.  What a great way to start the day!

We then have Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or (50ml/ RRP £22.50) and how gorgeous is this?  It's an oil with tiny shimmer particles in it that can be used on face, hair and body for a hint of glow.  Now, I know some of you are going to look at this and say "oooh that's not for me".  You're wrong.  This product is so subtle that any age - ANY AGE - can absolutely use it and you should.  It makes you feel good, it smells divine and it moisturises.  Experiment with this.  Try it just on your clavicle (bone that runs shoulder to shoulder at the front), a little on your cheeks as a highlighter (we'll get into this during the month with Riku Campo's video with me and you will need a highlighter), softly around your hairline to frame your face, on legs (when we get them out) of an evening.  You don't have to splodge it all over and look like you've been rejected from the local clubs, this is a subtle, summer, lifting product that will add radiance to your look this year.  Use it!

Then, because we need a relaxing treat, we have the 111Skin Sub Zero De Puffing Energy Facial Mask (single use/ RRP £20.00).  This is the Rolls Royce of sheet masks made by a Harley Street skincare expert and I want you to use it and enjoy every moment.  This is designed to brighten, energise and de-puff our skin which is perfect for us!  Relax, enjoy, this is an absolute beauty treat from one of the masters of restorative beauty.

We have four products left to showcase, so I'm going to slip in the REN Clean Skincare Clean Skin Mineral SPF30 (10ml / RRP £6.40).  This is a luxe travel size.  Travel size!  Of course we're not travelling but here's the thing, I want you to get into wearing sunscreen every day.  It is one of the best things you can do for anti ageing and it's a new habit.  I'll do a video on this.

Sunscreen is really hard to make because the ingredients are challenging.  Too much and it can upset skin, too little and it doesn't do the job. It's also really personal to your skin.  This is made with Zinc Oxide, which is what most organic or natural ranges use as the sun protectant and it can come out very white on your skin.  I think this tube will last you about two weeks (David, the REN Global Brand Ambassador says more, but I think he's wrong), but don't worry.  We are going to have more sunscreen minis in the boxes over the next few months so you can find which one you love as they are all different.  

ByTerry Baume de Rose (2.3g / RRP £14.00) is one of the real luxe treats in this box.  Every glossy mag raves about this product and I know, you're saying "but we only just had the Bali Balm lip product!"  The two are different.  We are going to use this one under our lipstick (which we are going to start wearing again this Spring) and that is why we have this in our box, it's make up rather than skincare for us.  The video on how to use is up soon.

Kevyn Aucoin's The Expert Mascara in Black (11.5ml/ RRP £24.00) is the perfect new addition to your make up wardrobe.  Sold in Space NK, loved by fashionistas, you know you should be changing out your mascara every six months and it is my job to help you do this.  You can tell this is a quality product - no clumping, no dropping, a good brush - and it is the perfect drama for your eyes this spring.

Finally, your mini treat is Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate (4ml/Not For Resale).  The leaflet in the box gives you all the info on this, but it is a superb, pick-me-up treat to mix it up a bit as the weather gets brighter and lighter.

I hope you love these gorgeous treats, I hope you enjoy every one of them and I hope they slot effortlessly into your spring routines - let me know!




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Kim Dickinson
Kim Dickinson

March 11, 2021

Wow, this is great, I was considering getting the Xmas box as I love the bath oil’s, and have realy wanted to try this mask, so I’m going to be saving alot of money and I get extras aswell, Brilliant

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