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MARCH 2022 BOX - The Caring Box

February 18, 2022

MARCH 2022 BOX - The Caring Box

The Caring Box

WORTH £117.00!

Elemis, Strivectin, Emma Hardie and Skyn Iceland are packed into this box incredible March box to give you amazing selfcare moments this month!

Of course, not only is this box sent to care for you, but by purchasing you are also supporting Safe Lives, a charity dedicated to eradicating domestic abuse for men, women and children. You can find out more at It's a wonderful cause, but as ever, the box is the main event and I am thrilled that we have such powerhouse brands in this month's box.

An incredible size Elemis cleanser, StriVectin's brand new neck cream, the fabulous Skyn Iceland Microneedle patches to work on our eyes and the Emma Hardie face mask - have you noticed that you have two? Find out why below!

I was also thrilled that TOYL features in Woman & Home magazine this month showcasing us as an ethical brand - well, you'll be the judge of that!


Look at this fabulous, luscious, rich cleanser!

Not only that we have the full, 100g boxed cleanser with cleansing cloth!  Elemis is such a loved brand at TOYL and I am thrilled that this amazing, full size product is included.  It comes boxed, with an Elemis cleansing cloth wrapped in tissue and is also a perfect product to gift for a birthday or Mother's Day later this month.

Apply this to dry skin, massage well in to cleanse and then remove with the dampened cloth.  The balm will turn a little milky as you rinse off but this is as you would expect.  A brilliant cleanser and Elemis's #1 best seller!




How great is this?  Not just one powerhouse brand but TWO!

Not just one best seller in the box but TWO! 

StriVectin is a worldwide, award-winning brand that relies on scientific proof from their products before they release them onto the market.  This #1 best selling neck cream is no different and they say offers improved skin elasticity and signs of visible lifting, while smoothing the appearance of horizontal neck lines and sagging.

Necks are different to the skin on our faces as there are no oil glands on the neck making it worthy of special care.  This neck cream is a great place to start!



Expensive, aren't these?  That's because they are packed with Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides plus the dissolving microneedle technology is unbelievable!  Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides are perfect for us and particularly under the eye as that's where many of us have dark circles, lines and wrinkles.  Skyn Iceland recommend that you wear these overnight (or for at least two hours) and then you'll understand why these are so great!



You've got two of these in your box and there's a very special reason why.  I've only counted the value of one because I want you to gift the second, but we'll come to that in a minute!

This award-winning, rich intense hydrating face mask helps improve skin moisture, radiance, firmness and also helps to smooth out deep wrinkles.  It contains Hyaluronic Acid that helps firm, condition and moisturise the skin and Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil to leave the skin feeling more vibrant, plump and radiant. It also contains Red Algae which reduces the appearance of pigmentation spots and leaves the skin more luminous.


This March TOYL box is supporting SafeLives, a charity dedicated to eradicating domestic abuse for men, women and children.  We are proud to support this amazing cause but the reason we have two Emma Hardie Masks is that the spare once can be used to reach out to a friend that you may be worried about.

Of course, you can just gift it to a friend, but if you are worried Safe Lives suggests the following tactic:

"TOYL has included an extra Emma Hardie Face Mask this month (at no cost to you) so you can use it as a tool to ‘reach in’ to someone you’re concerned about. Invite them out to lunch, drop by their home or where they work or somewhere you know they are free to go to. It could be on the basis you have an item in your box that may suit them.

 "Mention they’ve seemed down lately and ask if anything is wrong. If your friend does disclose abuse, there are things you can help with. Offer to do a shop or to keep a packed bag in your home for them, so if they decide to leave they can do so safely. Remind your friend they are not alone, and help is available."

 For more information on how to Reach In, visit the SafeLives website.


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