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Midlife Fit Camp with Claire Davies

July 08, 2019

Midlife Fit Camp with Claire Davies

God she looks fit, doesn't she?

Claire Davis is a 40 year old fitness instructor who specialises in getting us midlife women fit out of Mallorca and Ibiza on fitness camps.  In this podcast she talks about why she is passionate about fitness in midlife, why sometimes going away can kick start your fitness habit and how going to one of her camps on your own is a total option these days, without you feeling like a freak.

What I like about Claire's attitude is that she is very non-judgmental and I know, from what she says, that she's spot on with her advice.  What I didn't know, but she shares is just how many midlife women feel guilty that they aren't happy.  While on the outside, many of her clients look like they have it all for a pretty good life, but something's missing.  Claire not only works on our bodies, but our minds in her workout so we can understand what's not right for us and how we can fix that.

We discuss strength training, argue the merits of using weights versus body weight, talk about how Claire's 10-15 minute workouts can have as much effect as an hour in the gym and how the hormone changes during menopause impact everything. It's a lot to pack into 35 minutes, but that's how good she is.  Have a listen as she's the Queen of Midlife Fitness - well I think so anyway!

Listen to the podcast HERE


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