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Monday 19th September 2022

September 17, 2022

Monday 19th September 2022

The thing about getting into midlife is that you start to attend more funerals than weddings and christenings. 

The shift is subtle.  In your twenties and thirties there are many lovely, wonderful, heart-warming occasions but by the time you hit your fifties you’re in the doldrums of funerals, waiting for that time in your late fifties or early sixties when your own children (or those of friends) start getting married and you’re back in with - at least - some light relief.

I’ve buried both my parents and some friends but it doesn’t matter how close I am to them (or frankly not very close at all), I can’t help but cry at funerals.  Quite a lot actually.  I cried like a relative at the funeral of the school secretary and I'm still not sure what that was about.  I’m just not one of those people who can get a grip on their emotions and I’ve no idea why.  It must just be who I am. 

However, what I do know is that I find tremendous comfort in my dog.

When I get home from these emotional rollercoaster events he’s always there, always pleased to see me, always affectionate.  The thing about dogs is that they are fairly straightforward to understand.  Loving, loyal, in need of a leader and completely up for fun. 

They don’t care how you look, if you have physical challenges or mental health issues, their love is always up for grabs until life teaches them otherwise.  Sometimes it does.

Mike Tindall posted this week a drawing of a sad looking corgi, a crown and a ball.  In short, a pet bereft without its mistress. 

As we head towards Monday and Her Majesty The Queen’s funeral I’m minded of her devotion to her much-loved animals, particularly her dogs. I’m sure they gave her comfort throughout her life, in good times and bad.  She adored her animals and perhaps that was because they had no idea who she was but loved her anyway.  A true love that was nothing to do with title or status but to do with their relationship.  No wonder she took her dogs everywhere.  The dogs and Prince Philip were the only ones to treat her as “normal”.

On Monday, I fully expect to be on the sofa watching the British Monarchy and Military carry out one of the biggest events of our lifetime.  Of course, I’ll be in tears, but with the PT (aka the dog) curled up next to me I will have comfort of the best sort as I cry for a woman I never knew, never met and who had no idea I existed.   Maybe the same is true for you.

The last two of her Dorgis survive her.  I hope that they are not stressed that their mistress is missing, I hope that they are going to be well looked after and loved.  I hope that they'll chase that ball again. 

We owe animals a tremendous debt, one which we don’t always repay well.  So, if you watch the events this Monday just give your pet an extra hug and a treat.  If you’re lucky enough to receive their love then you understand how wonderful that is, what a comfort it is and how our Queen was right to put so much store by their company.  While my sympathies are extended to the whole of her family, that has to include her most loyal of friends.



* photo of Her Majesty the Queen by Annie Leibovitz

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