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Morning Beauty

August 01, 2019

Morning Beauty

It can be a challenge, can't it? 

We wake up, get a cup of tea and then go to the bathroom mirror.  Sometimes the night has been kind, sometimes not so much, but all of us want to walk away from that mirror looking better than when we first arrived.

Midlife beauty confidence is really why TOYL was started, so that you would know the products in the box were suitable for our midlife skin - more moisture retainers, more sunscreen, more firming - and to give us the chance to try new brands at a very affordable price.

It's easy to get stuck in our ways during midlife so I like to send you products that stir it up a little, that make you think "what is this?!!"  I loved including fake lashes because while they can be a challenge to get on, once you've mastered it they can open up your face.  I also take the time to choose soft lashes that aren't going to make you look like Widow Twanky and while your initial reaction might be "no" try them, they are a game changer.

TOYL is also about being fair to the brands that support us, which is why we can be a bit more expensive than other boxes.  We have full sized products, we have great products and we support emerging brands such as Aurelia Probiotic Skincare and Merumaya skincare who have to be able to cover the cost of their products to let us try them.  We think that's fair given the incredible quality of ingredients and the amount of time and effort they have gone to with the formulations.

Our packaging is pretty good now, but we've gone further with a new box being printed that is 100% recyclable and that should be in play later this year.  All in all, we hope that what we bring you is a considered, interesting, enjoyable monthly beauty box that makes your morning at the mirror a treat, a moment when you can play with your look and you can emerge looking even more fabulous and confident.

But here's the thing.  As good as the box is, as good as I want to make it, as much as I want you to trial it, it's there to give you a monthly treat and to make you feel confident about the amazing person you already are.  You don't need the TOYL box to be incredible because you are.  Buy it because you like the products, the thrill of it arriving, the opening of it and the playing with what's inside, but don't ever think you aren't fabulous without it.




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