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Nightie Nightie...

October 02, 2019

Nightie Nightie...

I realise that this isn't the most exciting topic, but the road to flannelette and wincyette with buttons right to the top seems to be paved with midlife women.

I was looking for a new nightie - I know, this post is just riveting - but I wanted one that was great fabric, modern and not looking like I'm just waiting for the van to come and pick me up for the day centre, but the job seemed very hard.   They all looked like hospital gowns from the sixties.

I tried Marks & Spencer, The White Company, where their right-on nighties ("his shirts for her") came in at ninety five quid, which I thought was quite a lot for something I'm going to sleep in.  I didn't like the buttons either.

I can see that there are pyjama sets that are more like it, but a night dress?  Nope nopedy nope.  Not. Anywhere.

I assume I've just got old before my time, but pyjamas don't allow for the changes in temperature my body seems to go through each night.  A nightie, well, it's just easier to cool down in if a hot flush happens.

I realise in the face of Brexit, climate change, Trump being in charge of the USA and the generally shocking stats around children in the UK - 20% of children leave school with no qualifications at all and we have one of the worst sets of child poverty statistics in the Western World - that this is utterly insignificant.  However, something needs to be worn in bed rather than a ropey old tee shirt.  Let's be honest, it's not about sex appeal it's about self-esteem.  I'm just not ready for the full-length, button up, Peter Pan collar job in a floral print.  How do you feel?


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