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NOVEMBER BOX 2021 - Make Up Makeover!

October 18, 2021

NOVEMBER BOX 2021 - Make Up Makeover!

It’s Party Make Up Time!

Worth £101.94, Just £35.00!

We haven’t done make up for a while and I am THRILLED to have the best party make up for women over 40.

LORD & BERRY SKIN CONTROL MATTIFYING/BLURRING PRIMER (10ML/ RRP £36.00) is a quality product.  The brand is Italian, high fashion and brilliant at creating products that flatter skin, this one being no exception.  This is a primer, so for use under your make up and it has the effect of a “soft focus” lens – in short, it softens lines, wrinkles, blemishes.  It is brilliant for us as it also extends the wear of our make up so if we get to a party at 8pm, at 11pm our make up should still look fresh even though we’re in a hot room.  Apply this over moisturiser, let it settle for a minute or two before applying foundation or tinted moisturiser.


CODE BEAUTIFUL VLM MASCARA (12ML / RRP £19.95) There is nothing more to say about this than it is the BEST mascara you will ever use.  The end.   I’ve done all the research and this is it and here’s why.  The two sisters who created this product started their entire brand because of this.  They love mascara but to get the look they wanted they would use two or three different ones at the same time, layering them up.  They decided to create their own and this mascara is called VLM because it volumizes and lengthens (the “M” standing for mascara).  It doesn’t drop, doesn’t have “fibres”, can be used with contact lenses, is vegan and cruelty free.  You will never use another mascara after this!


BELLAPIERRE ULTRAGLOW HIGHLIGHTING & BRONZING PALETTE 7.2G / RRP £28.99 is a mineral cosmetic palette of “glow”.  I don’t usually recommend powders from bronzing for us, but this is hint-of-glow and as such is going to add the very lightest of shimmers to our skin.  I’d suggest using this on the top of cheekbones, a light dab middle of forehead, end of nose and chin but a really light dab is what I’m saying.  You could use on your collarbone if the outfit you a wearing lends itself or on the front of shins if you’re bare legged.

There is also a matt, darker colour and we’re going to use this to shade our face, not contour, it’s not a look for us, but shade, definitely!  I’ll create a video to show you how.


LORD AND BERRY VOGUE LIPSTICK IN FUSCHIA (5G/ RRP £17.00) is a delicious, hydrating lipstick that will look amazing.  We tried the strong red back in April, but now I’d like you to go fuschia!  Hydrate lips with the ByTerry Balm from the March box, then colour lips all over with this lipstick.  Dust a little translucent powder over lips and apply a second coat of lipstick.  Blot on tissue and you’re good to go!  You can add a tiny bit of lip gloss in the centre of your bottom lip if you need that shine, but this will make it less long lasting (stands to reason, really). 

So, strong lip, glowing skin, “open” eyes and great lashes – that’s your Christmas party look!


 Vita Liberata have included a sample size of their brand new organic tanning product Heavenly Elixir ! This is a tan that develops over eight hours so you might need to apply the night before you are off out, but it is perfect for legs and arms!

Exfoliate, dry and apply.  Sleep, rinse off and you’re good to go.

30ml sample equivalent RRP £5.05

  • I am sorry if this product doesn’t work for you but as it’s not part of the box value I’d suggest just gifting it to a friend who would enjoy it.

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