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Post in Lockdown

May 04, 2020

Post in Lockdown

I haven't posted for a while.

To be honest, over here we went into lockdown around 15th March when I became ill. I've no idea what I had, no one does because we can't get tested, but it wasn't a cold, I can tell you that.

Then, as lock down progressed I got quite wobbly and I thought posting about beauty sounded completely silly in the circumstances.

However, during the seven weeks we've been at this (I was isolating a bit early) I thought you might like to know what I've been doing.

First, I reached out to as many of my beauty contacts as possible to see how they were and to show support - what could I do to help them? I'm not sure there was anything, but it was about making the call.

I then rang Sue Peart (ex-YouMagazine Editor) and we did a podcast and I thought it was clear how shocked and fearful we were. When I listen back, I can't hear that now but it's on our website under Podcasts if you want to listen to what we said click HERE

Next, I decided that all TOYL boxes for the next three months would give away a product to NHS front line workers as a little pick-me-up. This month from our Blow Dry box we're giving them the same 90ml Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo as you get - I suspect many key workers would welcome this on some days.

Then, I went about seeing what bits of the supply chain for our boxes were working and which bits weren't.

You know that the April box was horribly late because suppliers just stopped, but I wanted to see how it would be going forward.

I renegotiated all product deals with brands so that they got a bit more money from our boxes. We don't often talk about this bit but I felt that we need to support our suppliers even more these days.

I then set about writing a weekly update for beauty and hair salon owners on what help was available to them, how they could keep sales of products going, websites that would help them and then what procedures we'll expect as customers when we visit after lockdown.  It must be a horrendous time for them.

No one at TOYL got furloughed, no one lost their job, no one is without the correct working procedures or PPE equipment, but I'm telling you those face masks are really hot to wear for any length of time and it's only now we realise how important it is to see someone's mouth to know what they've said!

Finally, I've overhauled our social media. I don't want to post just because it's time to write a post. I want you to actually have posts popping up that are of real interest to you, so this month is hair month and almost all posts will be hair related, covering every aspect of hair both in lockdown and beyond.

We're going to look, in depth at how each box theme is important to women over 35 and see what we can learn, regardless of you being a subscriber, because beauty is both frivolous and a wonderful way for us to feel "normal".

Real normal won't be for a while, but at TOYL, we're going to keep bringing you great boxes, packed with real care, with products from brands we want to help and work with. Let's see what we can all make of the this new "norm".

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