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September Box 2021 - SUPER SERUM SEPTEMBER!

August 18, 2021

September Box 2021 - SUPER SERUM SEPTEMBER!



Called the “Money Shot” of beauty because if you are going to blow the beauty budget this is the place to do it.  We’ve all tried serums before but this month, you are going to try two of the most expensive, efficacious, lusted-after serums in the UK.  They are called “game-changers” by beauty editors, are slathered on by celebs and, in short, do what they say they will.

However, they are horribly expensive so we’ve got a total of 15ml between two different brands, enough for a good month’s worth of testing and then time enough to get Santa to save up for your favourite – let’s start!



Want to know why this is so expensive?  It’s grown in Iceland, in massive greenhouses which are mounted on volcanic rocks and then planted with barley.  The key ingredient comes from the moment the barley sprouts and pushes its own growth forward – that’s when the chemicals from the barley are harnessed for your skin.  The combination of volcanic potency, Icelandic waters and EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor which is the ingredient from the barley) are what makes the magic.

What it does for your skin is  reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, boost hydration, and restore younger-looking skin with only 7 pure ingredients.  It’s totally vegan but be really, really sparing with it. 

One drop mixed with your night moisturiser and smoothed over your face is the way forward with this little beauty.



Now let’s be clear, no bees were harmed, it’s a synthetic replica of bee venom but my goodness does this super serum pack a punch! 

Rodial has long been a luxe name and this serum is touted as line filler replacement.  It will help correct skin tone, while plumping and smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.   Allegedly loved by Nicole Kidman, Lady GaGa and Elle Macpherson, this product again should be mixed with your moisturiser so that it goes further – you only need a drop.


Now this is a great facial tool.

As we get older our skin gets thinner so I have deliberately steered away from Gua Sha’s (the stone tool used to smooth skin) as it’s too easy to press too hard.  This tool is precision-designed to ensure that you don’t have to press at all – it will do all the work for you and I’ll show you how on a video once the box lands (plus there are step-by-step instructions in the box for you).

This roller is to help you make the most of those oh-so-expensive serums.  Instead of rubbing them in with your fingers use this tool to get the product into your face, rather than hands!




This is in the box to give you the perfect canvas for your serums.

That and it is, quite simply, magic. 

If you haven’t come across these cloths before they are 100% bamboo and without any other product at all (except water) will remove all make up completely. 

No cleanser liquid or balm required at all making it perfect for sensitive skin and very environmentally friendly as it just needs a wash and can be used for as long as it lasts (which should be a very long time).  Remove make up with this, double cleanse with a cleanser, apply serums, roll – it’s a mini routine in itself!



Single / RRP £3.95

I didn’t need to put this in the box, but I absolutely wanted to because what could be nicer than cleansing, serums, face massage with the roller and then relaxing with a heated eye mask.

If you haven’t tried one of these before there are many benefits.  I would absolutely apply the Emma Hardie Eye Serum from our April box before use as the heat will sink that serum in!  It’s an incredibly relaxing treat just before bed so save it for a real September treat.


3 Responses

Colette Grimwood
Colette Grimwood

September 10, 2021

I am excited about this box. I had looked into GuaSha routines but they seemed to pull on the skin a lot. Are both serums best used at night in a moisturiser? I use a prescription Tretinoin treatment at night so moisturiser is the last step in my night face routine.

Barbara Beck
Barbara Beck

September 10, 2021

Looking forward to this. I have tried rodial face creams but not serums

Janice McGurrell
Janice McGurrell

September 10, 2021

What a treat. So looking forward to this box.

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