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February 2021 Box Blog

January 17, 2021

High Performance Skincare Box UK

I've saved the best until last!

This is the third box in our winter skincare series where we completely redefine our morning and evening skincare routines to get maximum results.

With these products you now have pretty much every product included in our revamped routine and - I hope - I've catered for those who want natural, organic, environmentally friendly products that genuinely work.  You'll be the judge of that so let's start!

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have Ila Spa's Cleansing Milk for Natural Beauty (200ml / RRP £47.00).  A cleansing milk is key for your routine as it is soft, easy-to-use on the skin and removes make up while being so, so gentle that it doesn't strip skin, unlike some foaming cleansers.  I'm also asking you to double cleanse at night so remove make up with this, then use your balm cleanser (you have the Elemis one from Dec) to cleanse and feed skin.


Once you try this, you will be as hooked as me.  

Ila Spa is an incredible brand.  They were always organic and when I first went to see the factory over fifteen years ago in the Cotswolds they weren't making products that day.  When I asked why, they said it's because within the team the "energy" wasn't right and they didn't want that going into the products.  I thought they were nuts at the time, but more and more we hear about "vibration therapy" and how energy could impact us so if that's your bag then this brand really is your tribe.  If you think that's all poppycock look at it this way - this is a brand that hugely cares about your wellbeing and puts everything they have into delivering (what they see) as the best products possible.  On any level that's worth having.

Next up is Freya & Bailey's Hail!  Marula Face Serum (30ml / £50.00).  Freya & Bailey is a relatively new brand but run by a woman who has worked for many years in the beauty business for big companies, before leaving to set up her own brand.  Abbie Oguntade is also the 2020 winner of Arclight, an award given to help emerging British Black Beauty brands fast-track into retailers and the spotlight, which is why I am so thrilled that she has let us have this serum in the box.

Abbie's product feels like a face oil but it's not, it's made with smaller particles to penetrate the skin deeper, making it a serum.  Packed with Apricot Kernel, Vitamin E, Marula Oil, Vitamin A, Lavender and Vanilla, this is a superb, natural formulation that uses the best of nature to deliver results on your skin.  It's gentle and highly effective and now gives you a day serum to go with Abi Cleeve's SkinSense Retinol Night Serum from the January box.  

Abbie and I have created a video going up on YouTube (and here) during February so you can find out more about her brand and how to use this gorgeous product.  She's funny, whip-smart and really honest about her journey so do take the time to watch it if you get a moment (and who hasn't at present).  I'll let you know when it's up via the weekly newsletter.

We then have Slow Ageing's Essential Facial Essence (5ml / RRP £14.00) which has an amazing back story.  Back in the day (1940's onwards), French skincare was the best in the world.  You couldn't beat it anywhere and brands such as Guinot, Gatineau and Decleor were completely, totally and utterly outstanding, leading the way for the rest of the World.  In the same way that the Mediterranean Diet is viewed as using mainly plant-based ingredients, French skincare used plants, coupled with great formulations, to deliver results. 


The reason I tell you this is because Slow Ageing's founder used the formulations from one of the very first French, female aromatherapists that he found in his desk, years after he had originally commissioned them, to create Slow Ageing.  I don't doubt there were a few modern tweaks to the formulation, but this is the heritage of this brand.  This Facial Essence is based around Hazelnut oil and packed with Ylang Ylang, Rosemary and Chamomile to soothe and nurture skin. Sometimes, we just need a lovely oil to skin into our skin and heal it.

Slow Ageing's Essential Face Moisturiser (10ml / RRP £13.00) is from the same set of formulations, creating a little pot of plant heaven for your face giving you options from the range of moisturisers that we now have to go on top of our serums.

So, there you have it, a complete revamp of our skincare programme for 2021.  I hope you love it and as ever,  let me know!

The skincare programmes can be downloaded HERE in case you missed them



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Karen Hosker
Karen Hosker

March 11, 2021

Sat here totally lapping up the gorgeousness of the Freya & Bailey Heir. One of the nicest skin products I’ve ever had. I keep thinking I’ll get fed up with all the products, but I’m so impressed with what arrives every month, and brands I might not even think of. Mine, all mine!!


February 01, 2021

Another magical box of delights on the way and I’m excited! When I first joined TOYL I honestly was a bit dubious, £35 seemed like a bit too much compared to other subscription boxes. But of course, there is no comparison to other subscription boxes! 😁 Because of TOYL I have discovered products and brands that I really

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