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November 18, 2022


Worth over £166.00, welcome to our Look Amazing, Feel Amazing box this December, packed with a collection of skincare, cosmetics and a mini gift from me!


The star of the show is BioEffect’s EGF Serum (15ml/ RRP £129.00) This is one of the most iconic serums in beauty it is a groundbreaking age-defying serum designed to address the visible signs of ageing with Barley EGF – a skin-rejuvenating, moisture-binding, signaling protein – the first of its kind to be produced in plants. This award-winning growth factor serum has been shown to significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, rejuvenate the complexion, and increase skin’s moisture level with just 2-4 drops so use it in the run up to the big day!


I’ve then included Illamasqua’s Beyond Liquid Highlighter (RRP £10.00).  This is the most pigmented highlighter I’ve seen so you need very little but what it does has a major impact on your look, brightening your whole eye area creating a “lifting” effect.  This image is in your December brochure and shows you just how to use.  Highlighter is just a fabulous way to lift your look and this colour suits all skin tones.  This simple trick will help you look even more amazing and remember less is more with this product.

Follow this diagram and your face will be lit up (in a good way) for any event you're going to.

Once our face is illuminated we are going to pump up the glamour with Bumble & Bumble Heat Shield Thermal Protection Mist (RRP £6.48).  So many of us don't use a heat shield but it is imperative for our hair.  Our hair is becoming more brittle as we age (particularly if we're not taking HRT) and heat will make it worse. Always use a heat mist before styling and this is one of the absolute best!  Spray this onto your hair after drying and before styling with heat tools so that it looks soft, silky and shiny for any occasion.

This Emma Hardie Purifying Pink Clay Detox Mask (RRP £15.00) is multi award-winning and has been created to bring life back to stressed, congested skin - well, that sounds like us after this year!  It also helps colour correct skin and reduce redness so team this with the Stila Colour Correct from April for a great make up base.


Finally, a mini gift from me to you!

This Votive from Parks Candles (RRP £5.00)  is fragrances with May Chang, Lavender and Green Tea which makes it a heavenly oasis of calm fragrance during this busy period.  Parks is one of the very, very few companies that uses Soy wax and a "clean" wick so that you don't get black smoke or petrochemical fumes in your home.  I hope you love it and find a moment of serenity in the next month to relax!  Remember, do not leave a burning candle unattended.

Have a wonderful party season and I can't wait to catch up in 2023!


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Julie Lonergan
Julie Lonergan

December 12, 2022

Wow! Karen you have surpassed yourself this month!!! I can wait!!

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