The November Box - Relax!

October 17, 2020

The November Box - Relax!

This month is traditionally our party glam month, sending you a cracking collection of Christmas glamour to ensure that you look your best for the season's festive gatherings.

However, as it's highly unlikely there will be any parties this year, I've pivoted the box by 180 degrees to give you a more chilled box, plus a product I want you to carry over to the December box.

The November box is worth £105.67 at retail

This November, I want you to relax.  We have no idea how the festive season will pan out (although I have got an emergency turkey crown in the freezer) so I'm going to see if we can't relax and just let this year go with the flow.

So many of us are pivotal to making Christmas special for our families and friends that I'm sure stress levels will be a challenge as we move into the last months of the year. 

My job at TOYL, is to take that stress off you so we are lighting up a Molton Brown Votive Candle in Lily of the Valley (RRP £13.00).I can't often get candles as brands just don't need to sample them, but this one is just gorgeous!  A glass outer, paraben free and vegan ingredients (worth knowing in case you want to gift it) everyone loves Molton Brown which is why we've coupled it with a bath product as well.

Molton Brown's Bath and Shower Gel in Coastal Cypress and Sea Fennel (RRP £7.87) is just a little mini that you can use or give away as a stocking filler, but it is one of their new fragrances and a huge winner this year.

We then have a complete set of Philip Kingsley Hair Care worth £70.00.  Five amazing products, including the world class "Elasticizer", to ensure that your locks look incredible this season.  For those of you who haven't met this brand before, Philip Kingsley was an internationally renowned tricologist (hair expert to you and me) who created this range for hair health.  His Elasticizer is an unbelievable product that piles moisture back into your hair, so if you have menopausal hair, which is getting a bit wire-like in places follow the instructions properly and your hair will be as soft and silky as a teenager's.

Finally, I've included Emma Hardie's Protect and Prime (RRP £15.00).  Now, this might look a bit random but I want you to put it aside to join the December box and all will be revealed then.  Spoiler Alert:  2021 is the year when we are going to get your skin looking AMAZING!

I hope you love the November box and let me know how you get on!

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Maria Varallo
Maria Varallo

October 18, 2020

Wonderful, perfect timing and can’t wait. Thank you perfectly put together to brighten the dark evenings.

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