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The October Box - Make Up!

September 17, 2020

The October Box - Make Up!

This is it!
This is the ultimate make up collection, the key products that you will need this autumn from a brand that I absolutely love!
Code Beautiful is a small, independent British brand owned by the lovely Sarah Cross.  I've podcasted with Sarah before when she let us have her VLM Mascara in one of our boxes last year, but this is the whole caboodle.
Sarah creates make up from the idea that whichever product she has created it is the ultimate of its kind.  She wants you and me to be able to create an amazing look in just a few minutes, without using forty five billion products.  When I watch some makeup tutorials on Instagram I cannot believe the number of products they use and Sarah comes from the same thinking.  We midlife women want amazing results, not many products, the right products and for it not to take more than five to ten minutes to achieve a fantastic look and that's why we're here at Code Beautiful.
I'll start with the newer products, Code Beautiful's Lid Lift Enhance (6.5ml x 2, RRP £22.00 each).  You have two of these in the box and there's a reason for this.  This product is a concealer, an eyeshadow and a primer so one of these (or a little blending of the two) will produce the right shade for your skin.  "What do I then do with the other one?" I can hear you say.  Well , this then gets used as an eyeshadow (Sarah will show you in a video later this month), a contourer or a highlighter but it will absolutely not be redundant.
Next up is another new product the Lip Intense Plumper (7ml/RRP £20.00).. So many of us get thinning lips as we hit midlife and later along with the fine lines running along the top lip which just seem to appear overnight. This plumper is packed with Hyaluronic Acid which helps retain moisture.  Use this under lipstick or as a treatment regularly and you will absolutely see results.
We then move to Code SSL Soft Smooth Lip Liner (0.25g/ RRP £18.00).  Code Beautiful only do one lip colour and they only do this lip liner.  No lipstick, no choice, this is it, the ultimate lip colour in a pencil.  Sarah tested hundreds of women of all skin tones and this is the colour that suits us all.  Not only that, but this is a lip liner, plumper and lipstick all in one, self sharpening pencil.  It doesn't bleed, it doesn't look harsh it is, in short, perfect!
Now for the eyes.  There are two products here.  First, is Code FFL Forget Fake Lashes (12ml/ RRP £18.00).  Now, you know that I am trying to get you into proper fake lashes as they open up the eye fantastically.  However, I do know that it is an art to get these on and sometimes life is too short.  FFL is for those of you who don't want to use Fake Lashes or those of us who want longer lashes every day and not just for an event.  This product extends even the shortest of lashes.  Brush on, leave 30 seconds and then apply mascara, which is Code VLM Volumising, Lengthening Mascara (12ml / RRP £19.95).  
Hands down, VLM is the best mascara I have ever used. In fact, I have some in the cupboard that I press into the hands of many of my beauty contacts as it is just so good. I don't know where to start with this but all I can say is try it.  
Sarah Cross is a make up genius and I hope you love this box as much as me.
Sarah is podcasting, facebooking and videoing with us this month so discover exactly how to use to get the best results - you'll look even more amazing!

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