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Through The Round Window

January 14, 2023

Through The Round Window

Most evenings in winter the PT (aka the dog) and me take a stroll around our local town.


It’s very beautiful, medieval in origin and much of Arundel showcases ancient architecture dominated by the very lovely castle.  What the PT and I love even more is that the houses have no front garden, they open directly onto the street.  This means that he and me can indulge in our favourite pastime – being nosey.


Peering in through windows without being spotted is big business for us two.  The PT very much likes the opportunity to follow someone into their house if they open the door at the right moment.  He’s followed the Police Commissioner for a local force into their home before now and given they breed ducks it didn’t go down too well.  I think the PT wanted to discuss a crime that had come to our attention only that morning (someone had nicked a block of cheese and box of cocoa from our local chef’s doorstep and they were on the rampage to find out who it was with the PT keen to help) but either way, the Police Commissioner made it clear that there were business hours and personal hours and the two shall not be confused.  The PT was turfed out rather unceremoniously but he’s thinking of signing up to the Neighbourhood watch to do his bit instead.  Who wouldn’t want a Border Terrier on patrol?


Anyway, back in Arundel we see all sorts.  You can’t be too obvious about it as we don’t need to add any more derogatory comments to our CV’s but we see all sorts.  A lot of cooking goes on and a surprising number of men cook in Arundel.  Family gatherings, a bit of TV watching, playing of musical instruments and Christmas drinks parties in the lounge in full swing.  We haven’t seen anything untoward as yet – perhaps people do that in the back room only, knowing that the front window is theatre for tourists and nosey parkers like me.  I wonder if there's a manual when you move into the centre of town.  Perhaps a committee come around in your first week there to tell you which bits of furniture you can put in the front room for best impact and give you a list of activities that are allowed.  Perhaps not.


Down near the river there is a road populated by camper vans and it’s hard not to see what they get up to.  Quite often there’s a brazier outside and that tight community gather round for an evening of chat.  It brings a rosy glow to what must be a tough life.  

Then there are moments when we come across scenes that you can’t make up.  We see them for a split second before our walk takes us out of range but they touch our hearts.


The mother with her child on her lap enveloped in a hug.


The couple laughing as they try out their dance class moves.


A young woman tucking the blanket over the knees of her Grandad asleep on the couch.


The man coming home with flowers for his partner.


The pubs packed with laughing friends shooting the breeze after work.


It’s these human moments that remind me what it’s really all about.  These are moments of security, comfort and everything being all right with the world. 


There are many moments that are tough in life, some of our own making, some that just hit us like a truck leaving us perhaps scared and unable to move forward.  So, if you ever get a moment when you’re feeling off keel, that everything is out of control, that nothing will ever be the same again my suggestion is that it might just be worth going for a walk around town – you never know what fellow travellers in life you mind find.

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