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Top 10 Autumn Beauty Tips!

September 26, 2021

Top 10 Autumn Beauty Tips!

It's officially Autumn!

I don't know about you but at either end of the day I can feel the change in temperature!  The mornings and evenings are getting darker and Christmas is appearing earlier than ever in stores, online and in the media.  I've been asked to book my online delivery slot for groceries already and it's still September!

Autumn brings change that is stunning.  Nature looks incredible but the season brings its own challenges with more extreme temperatures, less light and different clothing so I thought it would be a good time for my ten top beauty tips for now!


As the nights draw in it's time to think about regulating your sleep routine to ensure that you get eight hours sleep every night.  The darker evenings can make a bedtime routine easier, so find one that works for you.  Put the phone down, move your mind away from the cares of the day and ensure that you are the right temperature for you. Sleep sprays, eye masks and cosy bedding or PJ's can help.   I use Ilapothecary's Beat the Blues Spray which is just so soothing (now only available in a pouch with another product at £28.00).

Sleep is key to both looking and being refreshed each day and there's increasing evidence that sleep is directly related to your weight - who knew?  If you get enough sleep, you make better food choices, it seems, as well as keeping the quantity down.  Sort out your sleep pattern now to get the best of self healing.  


Hands get assaulted by more extreme weather so ensure you look after them.  Exfoliate (yes, hands are hard working and need TLC), wear gloves when it's cold and use a hand cream with an SPF.  

How many celebrities do you look at who have age-defying faces yet their hands give them away?  You know who they are!  In the same way that your face needs SPF so do hands, so ensure that you SPF up!

3.  LIPS

The best lip product I've used this year is the Dr PAWPAW Overnight Lip Mask we had in the August box.  Now is the time to get this out and use it to ensure that lips don't dry out from weather, central heating or lack of water and on that note, keep your fluid intake up!  Hydration is hydration inside and out!  If you didn't get the August box then the Overnight Mask is just £8.95 and worth every penny of the investment!

4.  SKIN

Humidity levels drop in Autumn so there's less moisture in the air so your skin is going to dry out faster.  Use products that retain moisture such as those including Hyaluronic Acid or BioEffect's EGF Serum from the September box.  Hyaluronic Acid is an incredible ingredient which keeps moisture in the skin longer.  Oh, and drink more water (did I mention this?)


It's traditional to swap towards more earthy tones and wine-coloured reds at this time of year, but if you don't want to don't!  The trends for this Autumn include burgundy lips (possible for us), a smokey eye using colours rather than browns, black and grey (if you fancy it go for it) and glitter accents (no.  I'm telling you now it's not a look for us).

I'd start using a soft highlighter because there's less light around, but gently, on cheekbones, tiny bit on nose and forehead, but we'll go through this online in a video.  NOT everywhere!!

There's a really lovely "Mother of pearl" eye shadow look for this season that we'll attempt but we'll give the tortoise-shell eyes a miss!


You could say this about any time of year, but if, like me,  you're particularly bad at spending the time on one so now the evenings are drawing in this could be our moment!  Try WeAreParadoxx Repair Hair Mask (75ml / £12.50).  We had this brand in our May box and you loved it!  Natural, plastic free and incredibly effective it's outstanding.


Because there is less humidity and moisture in the air, it's also time to switch up to a heavier moisturiser if your skin can take it.  Look for one with Ceramides and dig out the facial oils, all perfect to retain moisture.

8.  FEET

Feet LOVE autumn and winter!  They get to go into socks and tights which offers them more moisture that being in sandals or slides.  This means they need less exfoliation but don't neglect them.  Trim toenails so that they don't hurt in shoes and give them a great colour - trust me, painted toes are spirit lifting!

9. SPF

You thought we'd done with this, right?  Wrong!  If you want to keep lines and wrinkles at bay your #1 assistant is SPF all year round.  There's increasing evidence that SPF can also help reduce skin damage from blue light so even inside, it's still essential!


Nothing will make your skin glow like a great walk.  The clean air, the colours, the leaves under your boots - it genuinely helps improve your blood circulation and bring collagen to the surface of your whole body.  Walking de-stresses you, is great for your health, improves blood flow and there could be tea and cake at the end of it!

Enjoy this time of year, don't wish it away and remember, nature (a bit like us really) is at its most spectacular as the year moves into its period of renewal and rest.  






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