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February 26, 2024


Worth a staggering £254.00, this box is about outstandingly high quality products with insanely expensive ingredients to lift your skin as much as we can without professional help.
Facelift is designed to do just that - lift your skin - and with a little help from you it can absolutely do this.
As ever, the EVOLVE box is all about bringing you some of the very best products to help with a specific challenge and this is all about solutions to sagging skin and loss of firmness.
In front we have the fabulous Albiva - a brand to watch if ever there was one - and their ECM Advance Repair Eye Lift. This product retails at £145.00 and why? Because the ingredients are as close to "botox" as they can get them while still being effective topically. This eye serum helps combat puffiness, dark circles and fatigue while giving the skin a much needed boost of anti-oxidants and peptides to minimise the appearance of fine lines. This is exceptional plant based-skincare.
Next up, we have Dr Jackson's No.1 Day Moisturiser which retails at £75.00. This brand is phenomenal. Plant based, it is packed with powerful and nutrient-rich botanicals and that's what you're paying for here - an incredible formulation with very, very high quality ingredients.
Finally, we had Defi-Lift from Gatineau in the February box but this is Defi-Lift 3D, so next level and it really is. Defi-Lift 3D Toned Cream is for slackening skin and loss of firmness. Retailing at £34.00 this cream has reviews from customers as follows.
· 100%the product left my skin feeling replenished & deeply hydrated
· 94%the product left my skin feeling toned
· 93%the product left my skin feeling noticeably firmer
Together, this trio retails at £254.00, just £49.99 with your EVOLVE subscription or £59.99 as a one off.
Despatches from 1st March 2024 until 31 May 2024.

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