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August 24, 2023


Hyperpigmentation, age spots or "liver spots" as they are attractively called are a key beauty concern for us as we get older.

They area effectively, darker areas of skin tone and not the same as our natural colour.  In short, the melatonin in our skin changes to a darker colour in a specific area causing a patchy look, which we don't all love.

It's caused by a number of challenges that hit us including genetics, sun damage, stress, pollution, lifestyle and hormone changes including being on the pill or it can be triggered by menopause/pregnancy.

The result is the same - those darker, uneven patches of skin that we associate with ageing.

All skin tones can be affected by hyperpigmentation and so I've create this box, packed with products that really work and I will tell you why!

If you're starting a skincare programme to tackle hyperpigmentation then our routine - day and night - should look something like this:

  1. Cleanse (cream or balm cleanser)
  2. Exfoliate with a glycolic AHA based exfoliator (not every day, once or twice a week is plenty)
  3. Treatment directly onto the area - usually a serum
  4. Moisturiser
  5. SPF (day only)

The treatment product can be Niacinimide, Azelaic Acid or Kojic acid and for today, I've chosen Niacinimide for this box - it could have been either of the other two, but that's what I've gone for today!

So, with no cleanser in this box consider purchasing the cleansing duo that I've had on offer, not because I want to sell you more products, but it is incredible value and both are gentle cleansers which are perfect for this routine.  The offer is two cleansers worth £74.00 for just £24.99.  It might be sold out, but they are both brilliant for your skin.  See Cleansing Duo HERE

To exfoliate I've chosen TEMPLE SPA MOST REVEALING GLOWING SKIN OXYGEN PEEL 50ml / RRP £40.00.  

This is a highly effective, liquid exfoliator, using the right kinds of acid for our skin (glycolic is almost always best for us), with some other brightening ingredients (such as Vitamin C), water retaining ingredients (such as hyaluronic acid) and it is immense fun adding a new "fizz" to any beauty routine!

Follow the instructions (use only once or twice a week, not more) and the fizzing on the skin is a lovely experience - enjoy!

We follow this with the big gun - MURAD'S RAPID DARK SPOT CORRECTING SERUM 30ml / RRP £82.00.

I can't recommend this highly enough for hyperpigmentation.  This also includes glycolic acid as getting those surface skin cells to turnover as fast as possible to reveal unpigmented (or lighter) skin underneath is the way to solve this beauty challenge.  This can be applied morning and night, every day and all over your face and neck - there is no need to specificially target the hyperpigmented areas.

The claim here is that 84% of Murad's trial group saw a reduction in their hyperpigmentation in just 14 days.  Use it as instructed and we are on our way to results.



Why?  Because Niacinimide is an ingredient that brightens skin and is very useful on hyperpigmentation.  We can get it onto our skin within this moisturiser as well, so we are creating a barrier against moisture loss as well as treating our skin further.


Finally, as a lesson to us all, I've included ULTRASUN'S 50+ SPF EXTREME 25ml / RRP £5.50.   

I cannot tell you this enough - if you are not going to use a cracking SPF on your skin every day (not night, we don't use it at night) on your skin, whatever month it is, there is simply no point in using the rest of the products or even worrying about hyperpigmentation!  While we're here, let's look at why I chose this SPF.

First, it is SPF50, so it protects for a long time.  Second, if you look at the image under "50" you will see that UVA is circled and it has a rating of PA++++ - you always want a rating of PA++++ or it might be mentioned as UVAPF (UVA protection factor) followed by a number of stars.  You want five stars.  This is because it is telling you how well this product protects from UVA rays and UVA is what causes skin damage and ageing.  We don't want that!


All of these products should work on all skin types and tones but if you have any concerns please do ask your medical practitioner as every skin is different.  Not recommended for sensitive skin.


If you want faster results than skincare can offer there are several salon treatments that might work for you including:

  • Advanced Electrolysis
  • Chemical peel
  • Laser peel
  • IPL therapy

The cost of these will vary from £50 for Advanced Electrolysis through to hundreds of pounds for IPL and laser therapy. Explore the options that might suit you best in conjunction with your dermatologist or skincare professional.

I hope that helps, but if you have any queries about hyperpigmentation just email me at - enjoy your box!

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