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February 12, 2022



*trigger warning on domestic abuse 


Are you a big one for Valentine’s day?  

Traditionally I haven’t been a fan, in fact I’ve positively “bah humbugg’d” the whole thing but as the years go by, I wonder if I haven’t got it wrong?  Recent years have been very trying on all of us so if there’s a day that’s about love, I think I’m in.

Showing affection (except to the PT, obviously) isn’t my family’s strong point but I think that’s also a function of time.  We’re so rushed during the day that I think we all feel that our love for each other is a given. 

However, there are relationships where it isn’t a given, where the sharpness of tongue is harsh, cruel and – worst of all – meant to barb the recipient.  In some relationships it goes even further, into physical abuse. 

Pre-Pandemic I was in conversation with the Chief Constable of West Sussex (I’ll bore you with why another time).  We were asking about crime in our area – you know, speeding cars, fly tipping and so on while he was also battling county lines and human trafficking.  

He then said – and this has stuck with me – “The biggest crime statistic in your village, in your local town, in this entire country is domestic abuse.”  I think (don’t quote me) he said that 40% of crime was of this nature.

In the 2020’s.

At TOYL, I know there are a tremendous number of worthy charities that make me cry when I think about the pain of the people they are helping, but we have to draw the line.  TOYL is for women over 40 and so when supporting a charity, it must be one that supports women over 40.  

For 2022, that charity is SafeLives.

SafeLives is committed to ending domestic abuse for all – women, children and men.  Their patron is the Duchess of Cornwall who has spoken out on the subject, confirming her shock that friends had suffered without her knowing.

I too, know people who have suffered domestic abuse and the toll it takes is terrible, the waste of years for those affected and the challenges in breaking free.  It is both a mental and physical challenge which is why the work of SafeLives is so important, to end domestic abuse for all.

The TOYL March box 2022 is therefore special.

When it is unveiled on 18th of this month remember that every one of you who buys it will be contributing to this charity as we are giving a donation per box, with a minimum amount of £5,000 to be handed over. 

Not only are the box contents cracking, but please think about the amazing good your purchase will do and the help you will be offering, while enjoying a lovely treat yourself.

The March box will be packed with surprises and delve into this subject further in a way that might help women you know.  The box will be amazing (of course) and I hope that you will support both it and SafeLives by taking this box, it really will help. 

So, this Valentine’s Day, if you have people you love around you send a card or small gift – it never hurts to be reminded that we are lucky enough to love and be loved in safety.


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