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TOYL TIME WEEK #12 - our last week!

August 30, 2022

TOYL TIME WEEK #12 - our last week!




We’ve looked at a lot of aspects of health in midlife and my top tips came out as follows:


  1. Move More
  2. Eat More Veg
  3. Work on your balance
  4. Train your pelvic floor
  5. Reduce your CHD risk factors
  6. Get enough Vitamin D
  7. Re-learn healthy habits
  8. Menopause is becoming a legal status at work
  9. Create a health action plan
  10. Free period products
  11. Eat more Fibre 



Here’s how to get more creative:


  1. Join an adult education class
  2. Why creativity is good for your health
  3. Benefits of being creative
  4. Group creativity
  5. Being wrong
  6. Unusual creative activities
  7. Being creative in beauty
  8. Being happy
  9. Books to help us be creative
  10. Daydreaming



Both the why and how to volunteer: 

  1. United Nations Goals for the planet
  2. Volunteering holidays
  3. Benefits for your mental health in volunteering
  4. Volunteering for u16’s
  5. One off volunteering activities
  6. Volunteering at festivals
  7. Saying no if you need to
  8. Fund Raising
  9. Volunteering from home
  10. Period poverty
  11. The Chemicals released in your brain through volunteering



We looked at how to fulfil our dreams: 

  1. We think we have time
  2. Planning what we want to do
  3. New Skills
  4. Inner voice and how it can stop us
  5. Do it now
  6. Saving
  7. Dream Collage
  8. Bullet journaling
  9. Gratitude
  10. Inspirational videos
  11. Work at your dreams



We covered the following: 

  1. Cleaning up make bags, shelves and drawers
  2. Body brushing
  3. Gut health
  4. Foot Mask
  5. Cold Showers
  6. Heavy handed with product
  7. Change one thing
  8. Dark circles
  9. Long lasting Lipstick
  10. Fake lashes
  11. Primers
  12. Exfoliators

So that’s it for 2022! 

TOYLTime will be back in 2023 (if you enjoyed it) and if you want to catch up on any of these check out the BLOGS section on our website – time for AUTUMN!


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