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June 21, 2022


So how are we getting on?  All good, I hope?

Right so let's crack into a few new things.  Again, these are not necessarily earth shattering, but I've done them to stimulate your own thoughts - go us!


Honestly, I'm getting quite basic, aren't I BUT bear with, there is a really new reason for these.

I want you to eat a small selection of vegetable crudites before every meal.  Not only will this up your intake of fibre, vitamins and veg, but there is emerging evidence (GlucoseGoddess again) that if you eat vegetables before any meal then it will lower your glucose spike.  There is also some evidence that it lowers the overall calories you process and I suppose this is because if the veg hit your stomach first then your stomach acids work on these and anything that piles on top slides through slightly less processed.  Bear in mind I am NOT a scientist, but I think the theory is something like that. Anyway, Glucose Goddess (on Insta) is your medical authority on this but it really is a great habit to have.



If you're stuck with why to bother getting a creative hobby I'd like you to read this article HERE 

It's one of many articles out there on the web but this one sums it up fairly neatly.  I'd also like you to take a look at as they have ten free courses that you can take over a few weeks (or longer) which might help direct your drive to find a creative hobby you love.  They also recommend further free courses once you've identified what you want to do so take a look if you're struggling with this.  Likewise post on the FB group any images of your creative hobby - I'd love to see!



Here's a thought.  If you fancy a holiday somewhere but cannot afford it what about having a holiday as a volunteer, change being as good as a rest etc.

With Volunteer HQ  you can get a week in Mexico for £274.00 or Zambia for £232 - yes you have to work for 4-5 hours a day but it's a great way to see a country

If you'd prefer staying in the UK checkout Boundless where they have a whole host of eco volunteer programmes for a week with several of the programmes offered free, so accommodation and food included!

It's a great way to meet new people, get out and about and learn new skills, Plus all your volunteering for a year is done in a week!



Ok so have we written our list from last week?  

So, let's start dividing the list up properly.  

Taking a look at them and how much money does each require?  Have you got that money set aside for this or does it need to be found? Once we know this we can split them up into what can be achieved this year, what can be done next year, and what will take a bit longer.  I go with one year, in the next five and then in the next ten years.   You also need to take into account any known challenges such as if I'm forty now and fancy pole dancing, better take this up sooner than later because my joints aren't likely to get more flexible!

Divide that list and have a look.  Which ones can you achieve this year?  Book it, plan it, let's discuss any barriers to it happening and get these dreams ticked off.  Next week we'll look at the ones that seem less achievable at present and why.  We can find solutions to these.



July is our body box month and I want you to start body brushing.  Frankly, it seems very, very dull when you start, but it is actually quite soothing and very, very beneficial.

Body brushing upwards, towards the heart always, is something that improves elasticity in the skin, increases collagen flow and strengthens your skin.  It will do more to "lift" than many creams on the market.  Start.  Every day.  Brushes are cheap (around a tenner) but how often in the last 12 months have you stimulated your skin like this?  Gentle strokes, upwards, not too much.  Skin is living and needs to be treated with as much respect as we give our faces.  You will love this habit once you start!

Before a shower or bath, not after.


So, that's it for this week - let me know how you get on!



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