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June 28, 2022


 Welcome to Week 3 of TOYL TIME!

So, this week we have a theme tune for the Live (you’ll have heard it if you tuned in) but we’re going straight in with my ideas for you for this week.  Ground breaking as “eat more veg” was (although it was at a specific time), here are further incredibly creative ideas for this week!  30 minutes a day – not all take 30 mins but you should be spending 30 mins on you each day!


Let’s talk about your balance.

Balance is a key indicator for health in later life so this week we are pracitising our balance.

It can be as simple as cleaning your teeth while standing on one leg or doing the chair in yoga but on your toes.  Benefits include:

  • Joint stability
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Stronger muscles
  • Increased agility

Two minutes a day and you’ll be in your ballet pointe shoes before you know it!


My popular demand we are looking at volunteering at festivals and there is one website that came up:

Now, this is a great way to get to a music festival this year and do some good.

You need to pay between £5 and £35.00 on each festival you agree to volunteer at – this is to make sure you turn up and I assume it’s because they’ve been burnt before.

You have to do two festivals as a volunteer this year to be invited to volunteer at Glasto next year (2023) so get your skates on!

Jobs vary from stewarding to wristbands to bar work and information point steward but there should be something to suit you. 

You need to do at least 2 x 8 hour shifts but the rest of the time it looks like it’s yours.  On this site they have the Adele concerts, DuranDuran and many more so I think this is a great place to start!



Extra cash.

So, do you have dreams that involve the need for a cash call?  Here are some ideas on how to make some cash.

  1. Online surveys.  You can get paid between £5-£20 for each survey.  Google it!
  2. Freelance your skills. So, if you’re great at something why not put your skills on an upworkers site and do some work at the weekend or in your evenings?  Google it!
  3. Dog Walking for others – I actually think this is more complex than it seems as you have to be available during the day (when everyone is at work) and you need insurance, the right car etc, but might be worth a thought?
  4. Get paid to google - will pay you between 4p and 15p when you click on things
  5. Cashback sites – Topcashback
  6. Get paid to watch TV - will pay you for your thoughts on programmes you have watched
  7. Old gadgets - – sell your old gadgets that are sat in drawers!
  8. Post about deals - – if you’re the first to post a deal you get points which can be turned into Amazon vouchers.
  9. Rent out your driveway - – they take 3% of the fee.
  10. Claim back tax from having worked at home during Covid – get the P87 form from


So much of what we do is look at our skin and treat it topically, but what if I told you that much of what we see in the skin comes from within, deep within our gut?  Now clearly sun damage/pollution and so on aren’t great for us but gut health is key to vibrant skin. 

I spoke to Kevin Leivers, CEO of the Naked Pharmacy and a qualified chemist and he said it takes 9 months to get our gut health back to optimum so here are some top tips to do so. 

  • Eat green leafy veg. Now I don’t love Kale, but I do like watercress so pick a veg you like and (if you can afford it) go for an organic version – the nutrients are likely to be higher in it.
  • Brassicas – broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts, you know the drill, eat more of these!
  • A probiotic supplement. Now these are pricey and you need to change to a newer formulation every 9 months.  Kevin says that the science in this field is moving so fast that he will be reformulating every 9 months.
  • Kefir – this can also be pricey but make your own. Water or dairy kefir grains can be purchased on Amazon for between £5-£10 and then they will last a very long time if you look after them, years in fact making them very cost effective and give you a daily supply of Kefir for your gut.
  • SauerKraut – basically fermented veg. Your gut loves these so search the internet for a recipe you like and make your own!


Why not try something you’ve never tried before?

I’m off to the Lakes on Friday so I’m going to give watercolour drawing a go.  I’ve got a mini pad and a really small box of pastels and I thought I’d just doodle away and see what happens.

Think about something that you don’t think you’re good at but are interested in – interior design, photography, calligraphy, flowers – and try that this week.  Most don’t need too much specialist equipment and see how you get on.  My second thought is to try making Kombucha – great for your gut and need a little bit of skill.

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