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July 05, 2022



This week I thought we’d look at pelvic floor.  Pelvic floor dysfunction affects more than 600 million of us worldwide and by improving the muscles down there can help stop bladder and bowel incontinence, treat prolapse, and make sex better too.

We all know the benefits but it’s really boring to do, however there is a free NHS app called Squeezy and just by using it a few minutes each day it can really improve your quality of life.


I’ve had a go this week at something I’m not naturally talented at (drawing) and I found I quite enjoyed it. 

This week, we’re going to try Bullet Journaling.  A bullet journal is a way of organizing your life in a single notebook. Bullet journaling involves jotting down your schedule or ideas that come to you. Instead of standard blank or lined pages, a bullet journal has sections for different things: a weekly or monthly calendar, daily dos, an area to record your goals, etc. It is a great way to keep your life in order while having a bit of fun. 

Bullet Journals for sale can be found HERE at around £12.99 but you can easily make your own or find a cheaper one. 



I thought we’d consider why we should volunteer in terms of our needs this week.

I’ve been looking at the human mind and one of the things we all need is validation and appreciation.  We don’t always get these in our work, we don’t always get these at home, but we do get these when we volunteer.  

We also need a purpose in life.  Those of us with a purpose are happier than those without, so if you haven’t got an immediate purpose volunteering can help that because you are needed.

Consider volunteering for wholly selfish reasons – the why doesn’t matter but starting does and (frankly) everyone wins!



Last week we took a fleeting look at how to raise cash if you need to.  I fully accept it was very cursory, but what if it isn’t cash holding you back but you?  What if you say outwardly “I’d love to XYZ” but secretly you’re scared? 

Let’s take the example of me (surprise), I want to lose some weight but I don’t seem able to.  I know exactly why I can’t, it’s because an inner voice sabotages when challenges come my way.  “Piece of cake?” Don’t mind if I do.  “Scampi and chips?” Yes please.  You get the drill.

So, I’ve started a book called The Chimp Paradox by Professor Steve Peters (see it HERE) which is all about taming that inner voice so the reasonable person you actually are can get the results you really want.

I would strongly recommend it to anyone with my issues.  We cannot get to the end of our lives and say “if only” – that would be the worst.



The weather’s nice so my recommendation this week is to use that foot mask in the July box.  If you didn’t get the July box then get some Epsom Salts (cheap as chips) and soak your feet.  Feet walk over 1k miles each year and so a simple treat won’t kill you.  Not only that, with Epsom Salts you absorb Magnesium through your skin which is a key supplement to reduce tiredness and most of us are deficient in this so it’s a treat for feet and your body.

 Epsom salts cost around £2.75 for a kilo and are both in Supermarkets and Holland & Barrett.

That’s it for this week, catch up next!

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