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August 03, 2022




“This week it was decided that menopause, like pregnancy, should have a legal status to stop discrimination against the 51 per cent of the population who will go through it; there are 4.5 million aged between 50 and 64 currently employed (about one in six of all workers). “


How great is that?


So if you are entering or in the menopause there are over 40 symptoms that you may have. If you are unsure of whether you are in peri-menopause go to your doctor but first visit

this is Megs Menopause checklist for your GP

Have a look, fill it in and take it to your first GP appointment – it’s really helpful


There is so much to say on the menopause, but let’s do that in October when it’s Menopause Month.



Summer is a great time to try and be more creative with beauty as all bets are off!  We have more natural daylight than many other times of the year so why not try a few different ideas (this is where the image makes sense).



Use the Mavala silver nail polish from the June box to give yourself a French Manicure with a twist – silver tips instead of white.



Now the images are pretty extreme examples but experiment with those colours in your eyeshadow palette that you never normally use – there’s masses of inspiration online!



Many of you know I’m lusting after Nicky Chapman’s summer pink hair so here’s what I’m on about.   Summer is a great time just to try something different and with clip in hair extensions like these it’s something you can switch up when you want!



Now is quite a good time to get your brows shaped.  This can make such a difference to how you look but remember they are sisters, not twins.  Get them professionally done and keep them tidy to extend the treatment, but don’t go too thin!



We talked a bit about trying out contouring the face with make up.  It's not something I think is great for us but mine is just one opinion!  If you fancy it, why not try it?  There are loads of YouTube videos to follow so play with it!



I’m suggesting this week you look at fundraising for your chosen charity.  Money is at the heart of what every volunteer organisation needs to keep going but it’s not easy asking people for money.  Why don’t you have a look at a charity or organisation you’d like to fund raise for and see if you can help?  I’m about to try and fund raise £500k and I’ve never done it before but I’m not doing it alone, there’s a whole team of us newbies doing it together and it should be fun!  If it’s not fun, don’t do it, you don’t need stress in your life.



This week, instead of looking at the things we haven’t done I’d like us to be grateful for the things we have done.  An attitude of gratitude (that’s an actual saying) is a great way to look at life.  It doesn’t mean we’re not ambitious, it doesn’t mean that we don’t want to move forward, we do, but we are also grateful for all the wonderful things we have been able to tick off our list.  Exercise for this week – write down three things you are grateful for every day, when you first get up.  It really is a wonderful thing to do.



So, we looked at dark circles this week and how to conceal.

I can’t explain it you have to watch the video on Facebook!

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