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Tracey McAlpine of Fighting Fifty

January 17, 2020

Tracey McAlpine of Fighting Fifty

Tracey is a force of nature.

One of the original women on social media talking about kicking-ass after fifty, Tracey knows a lot about health, beauty and living well in midlife.  I interviewed her for my podcast and it was one of the easiest conversations I've had.

I asked her a lot about how she got going because it's no mean feat to come back to social media after giving up work to raise your family.  When her children were born, none of us had e-mail addresses.  When she came to start full trolling was in swing.  It's been quite a change for our generation.

"I was so surprised at how the electronic landscape had changed," said Tracey when I interviewed her. "It was like a whole new world. I started on Twitter and did the only thing I could, I asked a lot of other women on Twitter for help to run the channel properly and to grow my following and they were amazing.  I couldn't have done it without them."

Tracey focuses on health, beauty and well being seeking out products, brands, exercise methods and ideas to help us age well.

"I've learnt that what you eat is absolutely key to ageing well.  What we put into our bodies is, perhaps, the real thing that matters because without the right fuel our bodies can't fight inflammation, disease or fuel us to embrace our day.  Life is so fast today that we need all the help we can get and quality food is critical to our success as midlife women," she said.

Tracey also believes strongly in exercise. "It's a fact that we have to exercise to keep our bodies well.  My favourite phrase is "lotion in the motion", in other words as we move and exercise this lubricates our joints, muscles and nerves to keep us supple and everything moving along.  If we don't exercise this lubricant isn't released and so we begin to seize up.

"I'm also a huge believer in continuing to learn to keep your mind alive. I'm convinced that if you stop exercising and learning, that's when you start to get old."

If you'd like to listen to Tracey and me in full then click HERE to get to our podcast

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