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Warts and all

November 02, 2019

Warts and all

The list of fun beauty for the over-forties is endless, but one that can catch many of us are unsightly warts.

I knew a major (and I mean one of the most important) beauty editors at a UK fashion magazine who wouldn't shake hands when she met you.  I thought it was a Howard Hughes thing (not wanting to get germs from others), but it turned out she had a wart on a finger and was mortified that as a beauty editor she hadn't been able to solve the issue.  She also refused manicure treatments offered by brands, because she just didn't want her hands commented on either.

I think we all know how she feels. 

Warts and other skin issues can cause absolute misery.  They can knock your confidence if they are in highly visible places but the thing is, most of them can be sorted out, quite easily, and I know how.

I've had skin tags,  milia (white keratin lumps under the skin, I've got one now), blood spots and moles and they've all been treated without surgery, without scarring and without freezing them off so I'm going to share with you how that beauty editor was treated (she took my recommendation, I hasten to add), how I was treated and that it is probably something you wouldn't have even thought of.

Advanced Electrolysis.

There, that was simple.  Electrolysis is something that you ordinarily think of as treating unwanted hair growth and that's exactly what it does, but if you find a practitioner qualified in Advanced Electrolysis (and it MUST be Advanced Electrolysis) then they are perfectly capable of making a whole variety of skin issues from scar tissue to warts, simply disappear.

My practitioner of choice is Elaine Stoddart (HERE) but you can quite easily find an advanced electrolysis practitioner local to you HERE

Elaine's favourite story is sorting out a woman who'd received a monkey bite to her face.  I think it was in Gibraltar but I could be making that bit up as now it sounds like an even better story.  Anyway, she had scar tissue across her face and was having both physical and mental issues with it. Elaine sorted it out, client happy.  I can't see that case study on Elaine's site at present but take a look at her other case studies, particularly the before & after photos as it is amazing at what can be done - page down after you click for the skin ones - see HERE

The treatments aren't expensive (my Milia is being treated in Chichester for £25), they're honest about what results to expect, you might need to go back a couple of times (particularly for age spots and warts) and it's definitely worth investing in numbing cream (they are not qualified to give anaesthetic as they are not medical practitioners).  It will sting and if it's on an area, such as the nose, there will be tears brought to your eyes, but it's fast and then it's over and then the problem has gone away.

Don't suffer with warts, age spots, moles or skin tags that could be eating away at your confidence, it is genuinely really easy to solve - go do it.


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