Placeholder Welcome to the TOYL TOUR 2023! - Time Of Your Life

Welcome to the TOYL TOUR 2023!

This page will be changing regularly as we go through the tours and I’ll keep you updated with all the news.

The TOYL Tour has been created by me, for you, the idea being that we get to meet, chat beauty and I wanted to tell you a bit more about how TOYL started and where it’s going.  Midlife is a changing time and part of what TOYL seeks to do is to create a positive community for women over 40, whether you want to find that online within our social media pages, or in real life through connecting with other TOYL-isters.

These events are free and you can come on your own or bring a non-subscriber friend, it’s totally up to you.  We’ll have a cup of tea, chat and at the end there’s a goodie bag to thank you for coming.  In return, I’m asking your permission to use any photos or video we take of the event to promote TOYL on social media and our website – I do hope you understand.

We’ve 2 final dates at locations chosen by you as follows:

  • 9th September - London (tickets now live!)
  • 14th October - Southampton (tickets coming)

Venues are being confirmed now and I’ll notify you as these come live.

Tickets FOR LONDON 9TH SEPTEMBER AT 10.30AM can be booked now HERE

We have limited availability so do book as soon as you can.  Likewise, if your plans change let me know so we can release your tickets to the waitlist.

Cannot wait to see you soon!