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Autumn Skin

October 21, 2022

Autumn Skin

Here's a really quick rundown of what happens to skin as we move from summer to autumn.  For the video go to our Facebook page @toyl40 and request to join the group as it sits in there until mid November 2022.  Otherwise, here we go.


As summer turns to autumn, the air cools and gets drier. 

Winter intensifies this as we get even colder air and brisk, chill winds.

Skin is trying to stay hydrated but there’s less moisture in the air and central heating on at home.

Skin can get flaky, irritated and dry.  Skin can also flare up, even in midlife which is why you need to switch up your skincare. 


  1. Exfoliate twice a week.  Move the dry, dead skin cells off.
  2. Cleanser – milky or balm cleanser
  3. Serum
  4. Light moisturiser with Ceramides. Ceramides encourage your top skin layer to renew the skin to protect it from the environment by retaining hydration.  Light moisturiser in case a heavy one encourages breakouts
  5. Face Mask – keep with hydrating theme

Hands & Lips

They may get sore and crack so balms and moisturisers are great.


Again, knees and elbows can get dry so balms and moisturisers. 

Knees – balms

Feet – actually like autumn.  Because they are now in socks and shoes they retain moisture so will be softer than during the summer.

Elbows – body butters



Nourishing body washes and oils.  Remember, your body can dry out in showers so add a nourishing product into your routine.


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