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Below are just a few of the 5 star reviews that have been given to 'The Time of Your Life' book that have helped it get to No.1 Bestseller in the Beauty & Fashion section on Amazon.

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Loved it!

Took this book away on holiday and absolutely loved it. Came along at just the right time in my life and will be urging my friends to read this little gem packed full of no nonsense, helpful, sensible advice. Thank you Karen Davis for inspiring me to get sorted and plan my next ten years !

A book to read if your stuck in a rut!!

Read about this book in the article in the Mail and purchased it straight away...absolutely loved it! A really inspiring read giving me the motivation and confidence to go and change things like Karen Davis did... ! Love the concept and reading about her story. Couldn’t recommend this book more....

Karen is buoyant and inspiring

Highly recommend to anyone embarking on the next stage of their life. A buoyant and inspiring book and a must have for the new woman in you.

A brilliant midlife handbook

A book written from the heart, full of insightful knowledge on how to cope with midlife challenges in a positive, practical and often humorous way.

Well worth reading

Five stars because this book is not only witty and amusing, it is spot on. Having been through this myself; not knowing or realising that the 10 years of brain fog and barrage of other symptoms I had from the age of 35-45 was peri/menopause, I really could have done with this book! However, having started a business at 45 (after menopause I recovered my faculties - no idea where they went), I agree that you reach the best time of your life. You've made the mistakes (more to come for sure), but you're wiser, and you certainly don't give two hoots about things that really bothered you before (but shouldn't have). I was already on the 10 year plan route (found from other sources), but honestly, this book sums everything up. Read it. You won't be sorry.

A must read guide

This book perfectly describes the journey just before, through and after menopause with what can be a bewildering time for women. It sets out to explain midlife from A-Z and how it is possible to embrace this time with humour and understanding.

Brilliant insight & valuable companion book

What a relief to see an honest review of Midlife and know that all those changes we don’t - or used not to - discuss, are out there and ‘normal. Thank you Karen! Women of a Certain Stage will most definitely benefit from reading this!

Must read book

Fantastic book which you can easily relate to. Well written with areas of humour. Think every woman over 40 needs a copy.

Witty, informative and helpful.

Karen writes with humor and warmth while tackling many of the challenges that come with this phase of life!

Fantastic and real

Wow, how refreshing to find this book ! I recommend it to every woman that feels midlife is a negative .... it’s an absolute positive once you’ve read this book . Hope they’ll be another, a real self help book .

A good read and reference book in one - with food for thought on cracking on with life brilliantly!

Usually approach self-help books with an air of cynicism but this one I found myself referring back to it. Sometimes even the obvious needs to appear in black and white in front of your eyes before you take it on board - worth a read.

My Mid-life Manual

This book is a life saver and book-to-live-your-life-by for any middle-aged woman who doesn't want to spend the latter half her life feeling like her beautiful, productive and useful years are behind her. In a culture that idolises female beauty (youthful beauty) above all else it's not surprising that us ladies have a tough time during mid-life. Karen has identified and addressed pretty much every single problem I've faced over the last few years and shown ways in which they can be overcome, managed, worked through in a practical way. There are chapters on managing your finances, time, health and weight - less face it we worry about that one - and there's sections about how to deal with emotional changes like children leaving home, divorce, menopause and loss. Reading this book has been so helpful for me. Having gone through a breakdown, a marriage break up, starting a new business and the financial worries and uncertainties of my new life, I can see that this is transitionary phase experienced by many women my age; thank goodness I now have a manual!

The essential guide for all woman over 40

A really helpful and reassuring book for everyone to read (yes including men - helpful for them to understand the challenges that a middle aged woman faces!). It's a map to help guide us through a period in life that is all so often ignored by society and women are left feeling scared, unattractive and unimportant when in fact it is one of the best times of a woman's life as she fully steps in and embraces who she is. Thoroughly recommend this book.

Empowering read

Fab - I enjoyed the book immensely, an empowering hands-on read. This book was so relatable to me, a woman in her late 40's. Also very well written, It definitely makes you take heed and adopt these well-versed concepts to guide you to a refreshing 'new you'.

Embrace the positive!

I can honestly say my attitude to this particular time of my life has now changed from negative to positive! I was carried along by Ms Davis’ incredible enthusiasm and knowledge and I am absolutely going to implement some of her ideas - I loved the section on volunteering and I will cherish my friends. You may think you know a lot about the subject already, but this book will really make you think about your life and is full of practical advice. Oh and it’s funny too!

A book for the ageing beauties of today

Amazing stuff and food for thought.. Some of what your mum never told you ...I just couldn’t get enough of it..I absolutely concur.