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TOYL Current Beauty - LED Face Mask

November 10, 2020

TOYL Current Beauty - LED Face Mask

Welcome to the first in a new blog thread called Current Beauty.

This is the written version of my videos of the same name that can be found on YouTube (@TOYL40) where I look at electrical beauty products (see, that's why it's called Current Beauty, because the products are very cutting edge but also use electricity - I'm thinking I'm very clever for coming up with that).

I'm looking at one a month to see if we think these are value for money or a complete waste of time and I'm starting with this LED Face Mask from a company called Current Body (oh wait, someone thought of this before me?  Hmmm.  Did I nick the idea off them?  Surely not I've said beauty, not body so the thing is totally different).

LED face masks are reasonably new.  You'll have seen quite a few celebrities with them (Suki Waterhouse has one of these and her dad is a famous plastic surgeon) as the claims are fantastic - reduce wrinkles by 35% in four weeks, improve skin tone - so I wanted to see if they were true.

This one I bought cost £199.00 - I got an internet deal at the beginning of lockdown as it says the usual price is £349.00 - and I justified it because none of us could go for facials any more.  As such, this treatment seemed a bargain.  The other thing I thought about was that often, when you go to the beauty therapist and you buy a course of treatments that use  an electrical machine in salon, they can cost a fortune, so if this worked it was jolly good value.  That's one of the things I love about women, we can justify any expenditure if we really put our minds to it.

This mask works with red, LED light.  This light is said to stimulate collagen which, as we know, decreases in skin during midlife but is partly responsible for the firm, plump look we desire.  Stimulating it would seem a good idea.  There is also an InfraRed element which "stimulates healing in the cells".  That also seems a jolly good idea but I'm not sure what the cells are damaged from?  Probably life, pollution, sun - the usual suspects.

Anyway, the idea is that you use the mask 3-5 times each week (it takes 10 minutes) for a month and then give it a rest for another month before going at it again.  It doesn't explain why you need the rest but I assume it's because too much of a good thing isn't great for your skin.  Moderation is the word.

The other thing they suggest is that you use their Hydrogel Sheet Mask (RRP £20.00 for five) each time you use the mask and I object to this.  First, it's saying only use their hydrogel mask and I can't believe that theirs is so special. Second, it says it does work well without it but better with - I'm feeling this is a really poor upsell.  I've spent a reasonable amount on the mask and if I'm using it three times a week for four weeks are they really saying that I need to spend around another £50 on sheet masks?   That isn't going to happen, but that's just me being tight having spent two hundred quid.

But never mind me being tight on the sheet masks, does it work?

Actually, I think it does.

The plus side is that rather than faffing off to a salon (albeit I love a salon outing as much as the next person), this is ten minutes, three times each week which is incredibly easy.

You look like Darth Vadar's wife when it's lit up, but this is a great source of amusement for your family, particularly men, and any amusement at the moment is worth having.

But those fine lines and wrinkles are less prominent.  Coupled with a great skincare regime (see December 2020 TOYL Box) and I think it really does work.  You have to use it 3-5 times per week for a month, which was fairly easy during lockdown but the results are good enough for me to notice even with my eyesight.

With Black Friday coming if you fancy this one (recommended by a very well known skin-expert, which is why I chose it) then have a look for deals and then pop it under the tree for your Christmas gift to self.

There are lots of products out there that don't work, but I actually think this one is a winner.

Find it HERE

* Just in case you're wondering, I genuinely purchased this myself and have no affiliation to



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