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Getting In The Flow

March 15, 2021

Getting In The Flow

I'm still unable to really move properly after the James Martin calorie festival yesterday! Honestly, I believe I had so much sugar in that one desert that I fear I gave myself heart palpitations! Onto white bean soup and a bit of salad today!
We went down to Littlehampton for a walk (don't worry, we live very close by) along the sea front and the waves were crashing in. So much so that a few surfers had taken to the sea in excitement, but the challenge was that the waves were only decent about 30 ft from shore, so their ride (if they caught said waves) was pretty short.
However, they had made the effort even for that small amount of surfing and it got me thinking. Lockdown is (allegedly) coming to an end and even if there are some set backs, we are moving into Spring. I'd love you to think about a creative hobby that you might like to take up this and for you to start getting into it.
There's huge evidence that creative activities fire up a completely different part of the brain, but they also trigger a brain pattern called "flow". "Flow" is when you are totally in the moment, where you are so absorbed but what you are doing that literally you are not thinking about anything else.
Now, if you're good at meditation this can do the same, but I'm not so a creative activity is what I use to completely switch off and it genuinely works. If you think about it creative activities are hugely valued at primary school level. We all did art, story writing, poetry writing, drama, a bit of country dancing and so on but this stops at secondary school and is usually completely out of our lives by the time we start work. Why? Is it because we don't think we are any good at it? I'm not good at quite a lot of aspects in my working life but I still give them a go.
Anyway, have a think and see if you can find something you'd like to have a go at or pick up again - your brain will absolutely thank you. What's that? What's my creative hobby? Writing, of course!!

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