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The Benefits of Face Oils

February 06, 2021

The Benefits of Face Oils

Fragrant, soothing, soft and calming - that's how most of us view face oils.

They are simple, enjoyable skincare products that rarely kick off inflammation and do wonders for our senses, but why and when should we use them?

Face Oils are for dehydrated skin and I mean really dehydrated skin.  They add an extra barrier to prevent moisture loss and to protect, but they have a couple of other functions too.

Face oil should be used when your skin really needs it - cold winter days, when its impacted from central heating, when you've given it too much sun or when you've had a poor diet (I mainly mean you're a bit hungover).

The soothing, calming benefits of a face oil are pretty simple, it sits on the skin, gradually sinking in to help hydration and keep skin soft.  So, let's go straight in with ten points about face oil:

1.  Face oil can be used instead of moisturiser.  Personally, I'd mix it up a bit, but it's perfectly possible to do this if your skin prefers oil

2.  Face oil can be used instead of a primer, which saves buying a second product!

3.  Face oil will NOT clog your pores!

4.  Face oil can be used day and/or night, it's a mild product and so use when you want to

5.  Cold pressed oils are better - they retain more of the plant polyphenols which do so much to soothe skin

6.  Face oil, as we get older, can really help our skin "glow", particularly if you are moving away from using foundation.

7.  Sometimes it's nice to gently warm the oil in your hands and cup your hands around your nose to inhale the amazing essential oils before using.  

8.  Face oils can actually help skin conditions such as acne.  Get advice from your dermatologist for an oil to help even out your skin

9.  Face oil does go off.  Just be sensible and if smells odd, it's time to say goodbye to it

10. After applying face oil, wait 5- 10 minutes to let it sink in before you use your daily SPF.  You are using an SPF, every day, right?

Face oils really are about personal preference, but if you like them, go for it, just mix them up a bit with moisturisers for best results. Once again, it's looking at your skin and really deciding what it needs each day.





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