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November 19 Box

October 27, 2019

November 19 Box

Can you believe it's November already?

Well, it's nearly party season but I've left the glitter out of this box as what I want for you this season is an amazing glow from your skin and groomed hands.  Likewise, not all of us love (or celebrate) Christmas so these products are all about hydration, radiance and glow.

Winter can be a really challenging time as you go from central heating drying your skin inside, to cold winds and rain battering it on the outside.  Keeping skin hydrated is key in winter so that's another real bonus of this box.

The star of the show is Gatineau's Perfection Ultime Radiance Refreshing Jelly Mask (50ml / RRP £60) with applicator.  I just love this product for so many reasons. 

First, Gatineau is an amazing company with so much experience in creating world-class skincare, which is why I love their products.  Second, this mask is all about instant hydration and smoothing fine lines, which so many of us want from our products.  Third, it's not a mask you have to have on for ages, it's done in three to five minutes which makes it perfect for a radiance "pep" if you're short on time before you're back off out in the evening. Fourth, I LOVE the applicator, it's unlike anything you'll have used before, enables you to get a thin layer of product onto your skin and feels so satisfying as you use it! 

Use it twice a week during winter and just see the difference it makes to your skin!

 Next up is Studio10's Youth Lift Glow-Plexion (15ml/£28.00) a product created specifically for 40+ skin and to bring out the radiance in all of us.

Glow-Plexion is an ultra-light, multi-tasking primer, radiance crème, illuminator and highlighter in one packed full of deeply hydrating Hyaluronic Acid with a glitter-free formula to instantly conceal pores, diminishes lines and awakens the complexion. I'm not sure what more you'd want?

Wear it alone over moisturised skin, combine with foundation or mix with body moisturiser to create an all-over, natural luminosity and a flawless, long-lasting, finish. 

 We then have MakeUpRevolution's Hydrate & Fix Radiance Make Up Fixing Spray (100ml/RRP £7.00). 

This is genius because it stops make up sliding off your face.  Most of the year I don't bother, but at Christmas I tend to go out more than usual and it's full face make up, unlike in summer.  So, I spritz this to hold my make up in place longer and it really works.  This also has amazing Hyaluronic Acid in it, which helps hold moisture in the skin so also use it as a hydrating spritz if you're feeling a bit tired before going out.  This product gets so many rave reviews I'm thrilled it's in the box!

Finally, nails and we have Leighton Denny's Slick Tips (12ml / £12.00)

Whether you have your nails done at a salon or not, whether you have stick-ons, acrylics or not all of us get dry cuticles in winter and this can make hands look ungroomed.  Slick tips hydrates cuticles and feeds nails so even if you're not going out this is a fantastic winter product for nails - all nail types, just ask your nail technician.  Dab this on, work it into cuticles and nails look instantly much more groomed, whether you've had time to paint them or not.  It's also packed with vitamins and soothing Jojoba and this should see you right through until February.

Finally, our gift this month is a little special, it's a TOYL Gift Card RRP £25.00 for £70 worth of products, BUT THIS IS ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO SUBSCRIBED BEFORE 20TH OCTOBER 2019!


We're moving into the season of giving so I want you to think about a deserving friend for this.  It is only for those of you who have already subscribed to thank you for doing so.  We do offers for new subscribers like anyone, but I want you to know that I haven't forgotten that you were here first, that you subscribe regularly and that you should be rewarded as well. 

Now, you could keep this yourself, but it could be a Christmas gift for someone (the voucher is valid for three months) or it could be just to cheer up a friend who's feeling down.  Do whatever you think is right, but it must be redeemed by 28th January 2020 or it expires and don't say you weren't warned!

So that's this month's box - hope you love it and we'll catch up in December with our What's Hot for 2020 box showcasing all of next year's key beauty trends, I can't wait!

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