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October's Box

September 29, 2019

October's Box

Skincare is here with the October box worth £126!

As autumn comes in your skincare routine needs a reboot as the central heating goes on while wind and cold batters your face outside.  It's all about putting more moisture into the skin and making sure that your skin is clean, with fresh cells a the surface ready to take on the gorgeous, nourishing products that we have.

First up, at £44 for this tube is Gatineau's Collagene Expert Targeted Wrinkle Corrector.  I know, it's worth £44 which means all the other products in the box are free!   This is a great cream with a roller ball head.  Apply by rolling along the lines you're interested in smoothing and then gently massage the cream in.

This product is packed with Vitamins C, E and F to nourish, plump and smooth - perfect.

We have then been incredibly lucky to get Murad's AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser worth £38.  This cleanser uses Salicylic, Lactic and Glycolic acids to provide clarity, brightness and improve cell turnover by dissolving dead skin cell build-up and revealing a radiant complexion. The exfoliating beads are Jojoba to gently polish, exfoliate skin making this the perfect base for your serums in the box. 


The first serum is BIOEFFECT's EGF Serum worth £26.  I know, it looks minute, but I'm not kidding when we say it is worth £26.  The reason is that this is a very highly engineered product in terms of the science and the quality of ingredients in it.  The key theory around this product is to retain moisture in your skin for as long as possible.  Moisture equals plumpness, which equals less lines and wrinkles.  The active ingredient in this is a growth hormone that is extracted from barley grown in Icelandic biodomes.   The found of this company, Dr Bjorn Ovark is the guest on my next podcast so look out for that to find out more.  This is an amazing product.  Google it.  To make this last try to use just one drop on your face at night and you'll see the difference.

 We now have skinSense's Anti-Ageing Facial Serum worth £19.00.

I've got to be honest, I think the phrase "anti-ageing" is a bit tired but this is a great serum.  skinSense is made by the same people who make Ultrasun, which is a great face product and they use the same skills to create this serum.  Packed with Retinol, which stimulates the skin into promoting new cell renewal and strengthens collagen production, this serum helps restore the skins elasticity and bounciness.

 So, that's your amazing set of skincare reboot products for this autumn which should see you through until Christmas!  The little sample this month is from Ila Spa, which I know so many of your love.  It's a sachet of their Vital Energy Body Cream.  I realise that this won't go far, but really it's for you to open and massage into your décolletage before you whizz out the door in the morning.  The product won't go much further than that, but you'll have an amazing fragrance all day that will cast energy over you all day - allegedly.  The truth is these products are so great that the sachet is really just there so you can try it and see if you want to put it on your Christmas list - I do!

Hope you love this box and next month, we're getting you party ready with instant flash-glow masks, some amazing hair products and a beauty first!




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