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We kick off with Margaret Dabb's Firming Leg Serum, (200ml / RRP £45.00)

Now this is a miracle product.  The product claims include:

  • Helps reduce water retention
  • Tones and firms legs
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Aids venous decongestion
  • Relieves heavy legs
  • Cools, energises and illuminates refning the look of legs

Remember, it's a serum, which is why we also have a body lotion in the box, because serum's go under moisturisers for best results.  

If Margaret Dabbs is the Queen of Legs, then Leighton is the King of Pedi. 

His Smooth Your Sole (RRP £6.00) is a whizz at removing dry, dead skin from feet.  This is a professional quality, double sided foot file for fast removal of calluses and thickened areas of dry skin on the feet.

Follow this with Dermatonic's Heel Balm with Manuka Honey (60ml / RRP £5.99).  Good Housekeeping ran tests on heel balms and this one could heal heels in just 24 hours, which is brilliant for super smooth feet.

Kure Bazaar Nail Polish in Fabulous (10ml / RRP £15.00) is the UK Press's top colour pick for summer 2021 and perfect for toes.  Kure is also non-toxic and has a list of 10 ingredient "nasties" that it bans from it's formulas plus it's made in France.  It's also 85% natural ingredients, which is why it is quite so expensive compared to other nail formulations but it is brilliant for colour and care.

Gatineau's Exfoliating Mitt (RRP £12.99) is the exact tool for smoothing shins and removing dead skin.  Scaly shins is not a look so a daily brush, upwards (and on the whole body if you're feeling motivated) is a great thing to do to remove dead skin and stimulate blood flow to renew cells.  Smooth, gentle strokes, around 20 on each leg should do the trick daily.

Urban Veda Revitalising Body Lotion (250ml / RRP £12.99) is a light, deeply moisturising body lotion for summer legs.  Apply after the serum so the omega-rich bio oils and organic nutrient-rich flower waters can ensure that tired skin is deeply hydrated and softened giving it a new lease of life.


Finally, we have Bioderma which is an expert suncare range and we are so lucky to have them.  Once your legs are in tip top shape, protect them with Bioderma's Photoderm Refreshing After Sun Milk (100ml / RRP £7.90). One of these will be in your box to enjoy!

So leg, pedi and a bit of bodycare to ensure that your legs look amazing in shorts, skirts or swimwear !



Plus exclusively for readers of Silver Magazine we have included Slow Ageing Facial Essence and Moisturiser 5ml & 10ml that combined have an RRP £28.00